Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good bye to year 2011... I have been a good girl!

So quickly we have reached the end of 2011… almost the end. Like every year, it is time again for me to reflect on the year and see how good or bad I have been!

This year has been an amazing life-changing year for me! There is nothing that could be categorized as ‘regrets’ in my 2011 journey.

Looking at the first half of the year, my work gave me the opportunity to travel extensively. Throughout these travelling, I have seen a lot, learnt so much, and experienced friendships that I will treasure for a long time! It has been truly amazing! 

 Lancome is the best!

 My beautiful mentor Christine Wang!

 Lovely Colleagues from all over!

 Cherishing the good times at Loreal Skincare Metier in Shanghai!

This is also the year where my Prince decided that I will be his Princess forever. It has been the sweetest and most memorable second half where we launched our wedding plans and walked hand-in-hand through the to-do list. Every time I think about my Prince, his presence, actions, and love truly makes me feel like the luckiest girl indeed. I believe he did come and rescued me from all those gnomes that surrounded me. 

 Participating in a bridal race!
 Our first experience...

 Every weekend spent planning our wedding... 
looking forward to a life full of love with my Prince!

Last but not least, I am grateful that all my dearest friends have moved on successfully and happily in their life and thank god for surrounding me with people full of love! People including family, friends & colleagues ^_^
 Beautiful friendships forever! 'til wrinkles NOT do us part...

Gals' FUN! 
Thank you all for always being there despite busy schedules of work & family!

 My boy... cute Muffin! 
Never a day did he not make me laugh with joy!

 Of course... my life would never be without both of them... love 'em to bits!

And of course, I ended the year rewarding myself with the most precious gift! The window to experience a whole new world with bright eyes again! I am so happy with it!

 My last day with glasses...
Thank you to Dr Yeoh Phee Liang from Advance Vision Eye Specialist... 

 First outing after the LASIK surgery! No eye make-up for a month!

Looking forward to next year with more adventures… adventures that consist of love, laughter & joy!

Blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year to all!