Monday, April 27, 2009

A poem that touched my heart....

A Daily Passage

by MindyK

In the early morning hours

When my day comes to a start

My first thought is always you

And how you touch my heart

I spend the next few hours

Feeling thankful and so blessed

While missing you pours over the joy

I know this is just a test

It's the challenge of my wills

To strengthen me with power

Reminiscing of the love we share

And guide me through each hour.

As lunchtime rolls around

I am still immersed in you

I am wrapped up in the memories we made

And of all the things we do.

The afternoon is still dragging on

And the day seems not to end

I know at night when I climb into bed

Those thoughts will begin again

I will lay my head down on my pillow

And as I try to close my eyes

Those thoughts of you won’t let me slumber

And then I start to cry

Just a circle of my daily passage

With my mind on only you

But I feel so grateful and so blessed

That another day is through

Each day that passes is a day closer to you…

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Mood-Uplifting Flower Communicator

Yesterday had another gals evening. A much needed gals evening. Starting with ‘delicious’ pasta dinner @ Midvalley and adjourned to Socials @ Bangsar. During dinner, something inspired better communication among us….

It all started when Ah Bi bought Ah Meow a lovely flower……

Ah Bi: **presents flower to Ah Meow**

Josy: *Sulks* How come I don’t have geh?

Ah Meow: *Hugging Flower* This flower will be the depression antidote. Whoever is feeling the blues will keep the flower, hug the flower during bedtime and talk to the flower….

Ah G: I have a better idea! Why don’t each of us have one, and then I’ll ask my bf to design a communication device that can be planted into the flower. If we feel like talking to each other, then just talk to the flower!

Everyone: Waaaaaa……..yeah man!! Good idea!! Ah G so imaginative! Ah G so creative! Haha!

Josy: But we should have a password, so we know who will be answering the flower call!

Role-play time by Ah Meow & Josy:

Ermm…How about this? Calling calling…Hotdog hotdog… this is Banana ice-cream, this is Banana ice-cream….Over over…..

Banana ice-cream Banana ice-cream…this is Peking duck, this is Peking duck….over over….

Ma Po Taufoo Ma Po Taufoo...Where is Ma Po Taufoo!... Over over!

This is Hotdog This is Hotdog....Ma Po Taufoo is busy with sexy oil!... Over over!

Ah Gab: **Blur blur**

**Loud laughter filled the restaurant’s ambience atmosphere plus a few annoyed glance by irritated diners**

Dinner was great. Mood lifted. More stories shared among us and everyone’s cheeks were flushing pink from laughter!

Mood Uplifting Flower Communicator

Friday, April 24, 2009

That's how it is with Life....

A story worth sharing.....

I once asked my grandmother, "Why shouldn't we go after pleasant things, Granny? It's only human. And what's wrong with wanting to stay away from unpleasant things?"

She didn't argue with me. She just told me to eat an amla fruit.

This is the sour Amla Fruit

It was easier said than done. The fruit was so sour that I wanted to spit it out, but she stopped me. "Don't give up. Keep chewing."

Out of love for her, I did, and the sourness left. The fruit began to taste sweeter and sweeter.

"Granny, this is delicious," I said.

"But you didn't like it at the outset. You wanted to spit it out." That is how it is with life.

If only my grandma uses this way to trigger my understanding of life. Although I am certainly not someone who will give up easily, but there are some points in life where the sruggles are so unbearable that everyday I wake up to ask myself "Exactly why am I still doing this?" or most days I wake up to emptiness and lost of directions.

But I have to say that life isn't so bad afterall if we are patient enough to endure the pain and struggle through the harsh times. The results and the outcome of every situation, no matter if it is good or bad will be the fruits of our persistence and tolerance. I have also learnt that there are no failures but just the results from our actions. If the result is not as expected, then give yourself a challenge and change methods or strategies to get a different results.

There are some people I know off would try to over-analyze situations and thus causing fear to arise. Fear, is the mother of all f***-ups! Fear are for losers! People who can not face their own fear are people who will be left out in this world, when everyone move on to a happy life. Fear is evil! Fear is the devil! Fear is your own ghost!

So, my friends....Chew your fear, swallow it and shit it out! Life is certainly too short to be stagnant with fear. The future promises so much excitement and happiness, why would anyone let fear stop you from going there? That is again, how it is with life........

Monday, April 20, 2009

Warning! He is just.....NOT that into you!

My friends say….

1. Babe! You deserve much better!
2. Jo, please go find a better looker…
3. Good! There are a lot more great guys out there waiting for a great woman like you!
4. I don’t think he deserves you. Draw the line and make sure he knows there are no more chances.
5. You are the nicest and most perfect woman I have known. Don’t go for a guy that doesn’t appreciate you or doesn’t know what he wants.
6. Jo, you must have a list of what criteria you want in a man. Then tick the list as you go on dates!
*Wow, sounds like tough evaluations here!**
7. Make sure you look for a guy that will give you diamonds, don’t just be satisfied with gold!

Ermmm… yea! My reaction was like “I don’t care if a guy can give me gold or diamond. That is not what I am looking for!” But what he actually meant was someone who will appreciate and treats me like a princess. Someone who will want to give me the best and thus deserves to be loved by me ^_^

My friends love me so much that they felt the need to protect me whenever someone hurts me; intentional or unintentional. This is why I love them so much!

Being so naïve in the world of relationships is really exhausting and frustrating. Sometimes, I truly find men are very difficult to understand. Some men are very charming and wonderful when you first met them. They promised the world and gives you hope that this will finally end up somewhere. Then suddenly, poof! Reality hits and he runs!

The man I have been dating for awhile took me to the movie “He’s just not that into you” I wonder if there was any hidden message in the action itself. However, I just didn’t bother to analyze or tried to read any hidden message and decided to enjoy the movie. It was indeed a good movie that is able to throw a few pointers at us on dating or relationships. What I learn from the movie is that all women need an Alex in our lives!
*Alex is the guy who gives advice to the girl he met at his bar. Basically guy advices on whether a guy is into the girl or not by what he says and how he says it. Saving the girl from wasting her time waiting for him to call or hoping there will be a next date**

Among all the advices, I think I must first find an Alex, as this will ensure that I will interpret the hidden messages more accurately!

WARNING *Achoo! I am suffering from runny nose & high temperature as I am blogging. So, just make sure you are wearing a face mask and not catch my cold bug! Don’t say you weren’t warned!*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The best loves of my life!

I know I have mentioned this many times that I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my life. No matter if I am feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated, lost, happy, on-top of the world, they are always there to support, encourage and share those moments with me. Catching up over dinner and drinks was great last night! I am happy to know that everyone is getting on great in life.

Ming Yen for starting a new chapter in her life which is a career and a man who is just perfect for her to share her life. I am so happy to know that he took care of you so well and made you feel so wonderful, plus he's a great cook! Hope more great things will happen for both of you in the future to come! Looking forward to the new place as well...

Gabrielle for always being the happy and loving girl. I also hope that you will advance in your career and hope you realize that you have more potential in you than you think you have. Have faith in yourself as we have in you. Now we shall wait for your long table!

Bibi for everything she has worked so hard for, her family. I admit I am wishing to have a family just like yours. Although there are a lot of ups and downs in life, but always believe in the family that you and Shaun has worked so hard for.

Geraldine for always saying I am the most wonderful & perfect woman for a man! Haha! I love it! Thanks for believing in me, I am not perfect but I try to be great to those I care and love. I know I deserve to be appreciated and have been failing in relationships, but I am not going to give up. I am also happy that you have found a man that is so perfect for you and is willing to make you the happiest woman. I am sure other aspects in your life will be changing to the best! I believe you can do it!

Charise, a woman who has been a great friend and a sister to me. I am so happy that everything is working out great for you. I just hope that you will take care of yourself better and stay happy forever. Thank you for being there for me always!

Also to Joanne who kept being so sweet and lovely, Michelle and Vivien who has been very concern for me over the past few weeks! You ladies are the best! I'm terribly sorry for acting like an alien to you. We will catch up soon!

I admit that I have not been myself for the past few weeks and felt so lost in life, almost giving up on myself and believing that I am unable to stand up again. I am glad I am over that phase now. I could let my self-doubt win or I could go on and change my perceptions about myself and move forward and not fall backwards. It is actually the fear in failing that has made me doubt myself. However, in life we need to fail to win as we tend to bounce back stronger and wiser.

Love you all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our New Home

At last, the house my mom and dad has always dreamt of living is almost done to perfection. The only regret is my dad is not around to share the moments.

This house has always been my parents dream and the renovation actually started at least four years ago. Due to a lot of troubles caused by dishonesty and greediness from contractors and neighbors, the renovation was never a smooth process.

Looking at the almost perfect home, I had a mixture of feelings. I felt myself let out a sigh of relief that the renovation nightmare is finally over. I also felt happy that we will move to a new place to start another new chapter in our lives, hopefully a chapter that will be filled with lots of laughter and joy. I also felt extremely sad that dad is not around anymore to share all these moments with us. I know he will be so excited if he is still around and I am sure he would have already started packing all his stuffs to be move over to the new place. Well, maybe he has already moved there and fulfilling his duty as our guardian angel.

The front and side view

My room! With a walk-in wardrobe!

I am pretty excited to move into our new home. All I can think about these days is how to make the house more homely for my family. My mom has put in the most effort in ensuring perfection, not to mention a lot of money as well. Just as long as she is happy, I will truly support her but will not hesitate to remind her to spend moderately on the interior and not over-indulge on luxury items. Haha! She is kinda frustrated at me for that because I just stopped her from buying an over-priced chandelier!

Well, can't blame her as I am thinking of buying an over-priced soft cuddly fluffy red pillow for myself too! Ughh.. it's so hard to resist as I have fallen in love with it the moment I hugged it. It's the perfect pillow for an evening of relaxing with a book at the reading corner of my room.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

.....Funny Ad!

Haha! This brings back some CNY memories for me as I used to laugh til tears formed in my eyes whenever this ad appear on TV....

Friday, April 3, 2009

How Now Brown Cow?

Life is all about making decisions. I suppose there are no wrong or right decisions, just the decisions that I need to make to get on with life. The life that I envision myself to lead, the life that is happy, and the life that I will be surrounded by people I love.

Although it’s kinda scary as we are so unsure of what the future look like. But hey! I thought all those books about the law of attraction taught us that the future lies in our own hands and we need to always be focused on the positive energies instead of the negatives. We are the architect of our own future! Aren't we? So whatever the consequences are, there are no wrong or right moves. Just the move that we need to take at that particular moment, the choice we need to make to create our next move with the end result in mind.

Wow, I can’t believe I just typed the above. Saying, or in this case, typing is darn easy. But actions are always delayed just slightly as we were taught to beware of our actions. Think thoroughly before we act or we will be punished! Haha! See how life can be so complicated? Sometimes we think one thing and act another, but somehow the end result is not as bad as I am still enjoying my life. Am I?

Sigh. Why the hell am I debating with myself here? I’m just being paranoid and anxious. Most probably what I truly need now is a cuppa warm milk and a good night sleep as I haven’t been sleeping so well for the past few days.