Monday, December 28, 2009

moving forward... to a colourful 2010!

Counting down to 2 more days to the New Year and it’s time for new resolutions. But before that, I think it is more important to reflect back to the past 12 months for the good and valuable memories as well as important lessons learnt.

This year has been the year where I see most changes in my life. Positive changes which have brighten-up my life as well as made me a better person.

The first half of the year is where major struggles and adjustments needed to continue with life without my daddy. I have to say it was not easy but a necessary task to tackle in order to live a normal life again; it was truly an agonizing period for me and family. However, it was during these hard times that I have developed true friendships and only during these struggles that has strengthen the family bond.

family is more precious than jewels...

a newbie to the family... Muffin!

Great friendships that makes life taste so good!
As for my work, I have also seen much improvement in areas where I was weak when I started the job. Plus I am now better in handling difficult people and learn the hard way on how to be deaf when listening skills are not needed; no need for further explanation on this matter. In short, I have found ways to motivate myself to like and enjoy what I am doing at work.

The second half of the year has been the best of all as cupid strikes me a Prince! Not any Tom, Dick & Harry but a great guy who cares, loves and cherish me. Someone I can count on through the bad as well as the good times. Someone who see me as who I am and loves me for it. Someone who will care and hold me through the bad times and someone to share the good times with; I can never ask for a better man than him.
the love that has brought me sweetness ever since cupid strikes...

In short, 2009 has been a great year with wonderful memories to cherish as well as equipped me with important lessons and knowledge to pave my way to a better life. I have been thinking of what resolutions to make for the New Year, however, a great friend advised me to take it easy as life will be much happier when we don’t put too much stress on ourselves. I can’t help but absorbed her advised as she is a truly happy-go-lucky babe with plenty of cheerful and motivational thoughts to share everyday on Facebook!

Nonetheless, I have some simple resolutions that I am very sure it will be effortless for the coming year…

YR 2010 Resolutions:

1. To be happy and stay happy
2. To spread happiness
3. To love and be loved

As easy as 1, 2,3….. See you next year!!

Have a gorgeous and colourful New Year!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why do couples live together before marriage?

Often it is the stimulated by the loving feeling of being together. The thought of sharing everything in life and doing everything together, including being able to wake up every morning in each other arms and cuddles closely every night. In the beginning, it is like a gift from heaven.

However, as time goes by, without proper communication… resentment will built up and slowly it might destroy any loving feelings that were once shared. The most common reason would be lost of ‘me’ time.

No doubt doing everything together is absolute heaven and sounds like any fairy tales that 5 year olds might believe in; in real life, it is absolutely important to have ‘me’ time. For guys it might be time for them to catch up with the guys, some game time, beer sessions with some soccer on the screen, or even surfing the internet as entertainment. For the girls would be gossip sessions, top to toe beauty treatments, hanging out with the family or just having some quiet time with a book would be great. These are just some examples of ‘me’ time. I am sure there are more to add on to the above list!

Let’s just say the couple drag each other to do the ‘me’ time thingy together; the guy invites the girl to his beer session with soccer on the screen. In the beginning, it would be curiosity that motivates the ‘yes’ to the invitation. Unless the girl is a great fan of soccer and beer, otherwise the experience for her would be like staring at the white wall for half a day. Vice versa if the guy follows the girl to her ‘me’ time with no interest, the experience would be the same as well.

Soon, both would feel they have sacrificed too much to be in the relationship and resentment that were accumulated will burst and cause the relationship to wobble. The initial objective and reason of staying together will be forgotten and clouded by anger and bitterness.

If only the love is strong enough to overcome this hindrance however most of the time anger and bitterness will succeed in breaking up the trust and love.

Just a few more minutes to another Christmas, this year will be the first year in so many years that I am counting down by myself. A Merry Christmas to all my friends. Hope Santa will bring joy and fun to all plus a beautiful new year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our first dance lesson

Yesterday, bubbles and I attended our first Salsa lesson. It was Bubbles' first experience in dance lesson and I have to say... he was not so bad!

The class started off with identifying the beat of Salsa music and then learning beginner's mambo as well as 2 other salsa shines... Cucharacha and Right turn. Also there were abit of partner work as well where all were to experience their first Salsa dance with a partner. Those who came without a partner is no problem as the guys will rotate around until everyone has the chance to experience and practice their moves.

**Shines = dance moves/steps

As for me, it brought back memories of my first Salsa lesson with Meow. It was with the same instructor, Aisha and observing how the beginners tried or struggled to master the new steps or juggling between counting the beats plus remembering the steps as well as managing both their feet is certainly not easy task for them. I was one of them many many months back and have been enjoying the dance ever since. But I am proud of Bubbles as he did really well and to me, he seems to be the best among the guys in the class. Not bad for a beginner at all! I'm not saying that just because he is Bubbles... well... maybe a little... but who cares! *wink wink*

Anyway, some guys at the beginner stage of these kinda dance are just... scary. There were some guys trying to crab dance instead of Salsa and I'm not so sure what he was trying to do as his feet and hands were not aligned. Some were too absorbed in remembering the counting and how to do the 'Right Turn' that they were wrestling their partner instead of leading. Those were the days where I get turned off by guys who can't seem to handle their dance partner well. A note of advice to guys who wished to do well in Salsa or any partner dance; First of all, bear in mind that your partner is alive. She is not a doll that you may swing and throw as you want. Handle the women with care and you will be labelled well even if you have 2 left feet. Do trust me on this.

Real soon... the above picture will transform into Bubbles and Bubbly...

Our handwritten nametags for the first day of Salsa Class

Friday, December 11, 2009

Do you already have a Prada?

Do people really need Gucci, LV, Prada products to make them happy? Do people really need to buy 100 dollars shoes just to make them smile? Do guys really need to buy 99 flowers for their partner just to make them right?
Taken from

Going through some of my dad’s belongings today made me realize just how true the above statement is. I was trying to re-arrange his belongings into a cabinet; trophies, photo albums, files, and also his ‘treasures’ when he was still around.

If we need all the above material stuffs just to make us happy, then why are those belongings not taken along when we leave the world? So what causes the happiness of attaining so many prizes, branded goods, huge mansion and shinning wheels? Is it because we perceives attaining all the above as being successful? Where does the idea come from? Is it because we see that handful of successful people in the world who own all the above and more; thus categorized them as successful?

It’s a wake up call for me when my dad passed away. All the possessions that he worked so hard for in his life were left collecting dust after he went away. All his prized possessions are still lying around and if they have a life of their own, might even felt lonely as their once lovable master has already left home forever. Nothing was taken with him; except his soul and hopefully his memories of his life on earth.

So, it does not make any difference on who you are, what you do, how much you possessed. When the end of our journey on earth comes, we all end up the same way. We will leave as how we came, empty handed and alone…

This is again a reminder to me not to be blinded by materials possessions which are all short term happiness and satisfaction. Life has deeper meaning when you realized just how short our journey on earth is. Don’t waste time chasing fake goals.

Live to love who you are, who you love, and how you will care. Ensuring the most important 'treasure' you leave behind will be your love, happiness and compassion.

Does that mean you want to live there?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

6 Months of Amazing Love

5th of December 2009 marked the 6th month of our sweet relationship.

We celebrated at WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Complex and had another wonderful evening together. Seriously, I can't possibly ask for a better man than Bubbles as he always has me in his mind and always give me the best in everything.

Being with him for the past 6 months has been the most remarkable part of my life and together we have experienced wonders. Although there are ups and downs in a relationship, which is absolutely normal and fair... We have learn the best ways to communicate to each other that has lessen our fights... I have to add-on that we don't even fight after the initial 3 months. I'm pretty sure Bubbles will agree to that...
At first, we wanted to try out Monte's at BSC but the place was packed with people and the service was very slow. Both of us were standing in the middle of the restaurant hoping for some waiter to serve us, but we overheard some patrons groaning that they have been waiting for an hour for their food! So we adjourned to WiP, which in my opinion was very much better compared to Monte's. I can't compare the food as I have not tried Monte's but the ambience, the crowd, the atmosphere and the service was ver much better than Monte's. Plus WiP is much more romantic to wine and dine.
The food was good; we had mushroom for starters + lamb and chicken for main. Not forgetting the delicious bottle of Red Sangria throughout dinner.

A toast to more 6 months to come! Below proved how happy we were after the last glass of Red Sangria......

More photos of us......

Bubbles looking smart and very happy indeed...

And myself.... No doubt I am extremely happy and not sure if Bubbles realize it that I was wearing the exact same outfit as the night that started it all.... I purposely wear the same outfit because I want this night to be very special indeed. Maybe now he might see some similarity?

Our love is the long lasting kind;
We’ve been together quite awhile.
I love you for so many things,
Your care, your hugs, your kiss, your smile.
You accept me as I am;
I can relax and just be me.
Even when my quirks come out,
You think they’re cute; you let me be.
With you, there’s nothing to resist;
You’re irresistible to me.
I’m drawn to you in total trust;
I give myself to you willingly.
Your sweet devotion never fails;
You view me with a patient heart.
You love me, darling, no matter what.
You’ve been that way right from the start.
Those are just a few reasons why
I’ll always love you like I do.
We’ll have a lifetime full of love,
And it will happen because of you.
**Another special dedication to Bubbles for our 6 months of amazing love
poem by Joselyn Lee

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did you lose your mind?

Sometimes I do wonder; the cost of living in a city is so high that people are overworking to sustain a comfortable life and providing enough for family. Overworking is not the matter, but overworking to an extend that hurts ones health is not worth the sacrifice at all.

Most parents are hoping to provide enough food, best comfort and good education to their children; especially when the cost of good education in the country is so high. My mother has always been working hard to give the best to her family. No matter how busy she is with work, she never fails to prepare food on the table for the family. However, accumulation of overworking and stress in her busy life has also caused her to have symptoms of anxiety and distress.

This is what happened today.

She feels uncomfortable again. Short of breath. Abnormal blood pressure. Difficulty in falling asleep. Gas in stomach.

Nothing of the above is new to her, or to the me but she insisted to visit Professor Jeya; her favorite doctor in SJMC who also used to be my daddy’s cardiologist.

Doctor: Hi, how are you feeling today?

Mom: Difficult to breathe and a lot of gas in my stomach. Also I checked my own blood pressure today and it’s unusually high.

Doctor: Okay, let me check…..

**After thorough checking…..

Doctor: You seem find. All these symptoms don’t sound like you’re having a cardiac arrest so don’t worry.

Mom: But doctor, I sometimes feel numbness here….
**showing where she feels numbness….

Doctor: Nahh… I’ve checked you few weeks back and you’re perfectly alright. Nothing serious…

Mom: But I feel short of breathe, and why my blood pressure is so high…

Doctor: It’s normal for the blood pressure to be slightly higher than normal when you’re under stress or you don’t sleep well and normally blood pressure will go up and down. It’s normal. I’ve checked you and you’re fine. You think too much, I think you have an over active mind. Try to stay calm and relax.

**still trying to insist that she is not right…..

Doctor: Okay, I’ll prescribe you something to take only when you feel anxiety or stress. Don’t take it always. This medication will calm you down and you will feel better. Alright?

Mom: Oh, I don’t need anything else? This will be alright.

Doctor: Yes, listen to me. You are perfectly alright. Just a little too uptight and think too much. Okay, relax yourself and take your daily dose of medication. You’ll be fine.

Mom: Okay.

Well, this will be the third time I went with her to see this doctor and this will be the third time that the doctor says the same thing to her. It makes me worry about her and makes me feel useless as I don’t know how to make her feel better. After doing some research on her symptoms, there are several types of anxiety disorder;

Types of Disorders

Panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), specific phobia or simple phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder are the different types of anxiety disorders. Periods of fear that are very intense or a psychological distress that comes suddenly and lasts as little as half an hour are the experiences of someone with panic disorder and some common symptoms include trembling, shortness of breath, palpitations of the heart, sweating, nausea, dizziness and hyperventilation as well as tingling sensations and also a feeling of being choked.

Relating back to my previous blog entry on Realizing The Meaning of Life, it makes me realize that the mind is truly a powerful tool. All of the above disorders are created by a mind that has been misused over the years and causes it to lose control. The only way to remove the disorder would be to MEDITATE and find your true self. Only when you find your true self that you will sense inner peace, and by sensing inner peace will then the mind is controllable and not run wild. Don't let your mind conquer you, take action and take over your own mind. Realizing this theory is the only answer to end the above suffering.

I’ve seen a lot of adults going through the same cycle because of the stress they put upon themselves to achieve more.

Just ask yourself, is it worth it?
What’s the use of having lots of money but suffer from losing yourself along the way?
What’s the use of living in a huge mansion when there’s no one there to share with?
What’s the use of being the best when the only person you’re challenging and destroying is you?

We don't need to be the best for we are already a champion the moment we were born. We only live once. Do it right. Live a happy life. Search for inner peace.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you spend time with yourself?

Today, I have a few precious hours of the much needed “me” time to nurture my inner being and balance my thoughts. Living in the city where you are required to do millions in a minute, “me” time is crucial to retreat and enjoy the sensation of just being you.

What I would normally do during these “me” time are just simple activities such as reading inspiring books and meditating or just loving my own company and appreciating the silence surrounding me. It is absolutely tranquilizing.

Continuing from my previous blog entry, to be able to realize the meaning of your life, these “me” time is certainly helpful. It is when I am alone do I realize who am I deep inside and it is when I am alone like this that I can see where my life is heading clearly.

Realizing your reason for living can be described as when you are walking home alone on the street and there are fogs surrounding you that blurred your path to your destination. Your secret weapon that will bring you towards your destination clearly and safely is the torch in your hand that shines through the fogs to give you a brighter vision of the path. However, if the torch in hand is not well maintained or the battery is weak, the light from the torch will be dark or the torch is not working at all. Then you will be lost in those fogs forever and end up being in a place you might not want to be.

“Me” time will ensure to lessen the fogs in your life so you’re more in touch with where you are going and your purpose in life as well as providing a torch that will shine as bright as the sun to guide you to your desired destination.

Love yourself and start today by having ‘me’ time. Do the right thing during these ‘me’ time and see your life transform to the better.