Monday, July 26, 2010

Taiwan taiwan taiwan - 1st day

This will be my fourth trip to Taiwan but the feeling and experience is as fresh and as exciting as the first!
This time I'm here to attend a training and I just have to bring mom with me because I know she will definitely enjoy Taiwan...

Landed at about 4pm in Taipei and started shopping at about 6pm. First stop is to the famous Shilin Night Market where there are loads of food and unlimited excess to the latest fashion!

Aren't these beautiful?
I was refraining from stocking up on SHOES!! The price are sooooo cheap and I sooooo love all the designs and colours and styles!!

So, before we proceed any further and drain all our energy spending our $$$... we need fuel to support our shopping agenda...

Look at these people... they are waiting and waiting and waiting...
For what??

But let me tell you... the wait is worth it!!

There are soooo much food to choose from...
There are so many people from tourist to the locals who came in bunches of friends & families...
Looking for something to eat isn't as easy as it seems, because there are much to choose from! Variety is good but discipline is more important here to ensure not overeating and regretting later! hahaha!

Must must must taste the smelly tofu! I have tasted better but this is not so bad as well...

ooohhhh... the best of the night!

Grilled pork in hot pan... yummy yummy! The meat is so juicy and dip in black pepper sauce, both of us couldn't get our hands off this porky! Will surely dig our teeth into these again before we leave! *Slurppppp*

Aaahhhh... delicious drinks to quench our thirst...
I love the bubble teas in Taiwan. We have bubble teas in Malaysia... but they will not be able to compete with the original ones in Taiwan. To be here in Taiwan and not drink this? SAD!!

Here we go... first day and already soooo much to enjoy... looking forward to moreeeeeee in the next few days!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Easy cooking for the weekend

I love cooking for friends and family. Recently, I have tried various ways to create delicious and healthy meal that are so easy to make that a twelve year old would be bored making it.

Here is my colourful garden salad...

With 2 types of dressing to choose from...
Apple cider sauce or my "self-create-no-recipe-but-super-delicious" sauce :P

Another favourite recipe that is super-duper easy to make...
My honey sesame chicken :)
Marinate these chicken fillets for at least 2 hours with a little sesame-oil, soy sauce, pepper, basal leaves. Pre-heat oven and pop the marinated chicken into oven for half an hour... but don't forget to add honey and sesame seeds to the chicken 15 minutes before due time... and voila! These delicious tender fillets are ready to be savored.

Our meal is completed with these gorgeous vegetarian tomato pasta that could be pre-cooked a day before and re-heated for dinner.

Hmmm... what's next?

Aahh... Miso soup!! Low in fat and calories yet somehow such a comfort to slurp these soup before a meal... plus it's soooo easy to make! However, I have to admit that I did not make this :P

Wanna know who made this Miso Soup?

Nahh!! If only you can GUESS! hahaha!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caution: Dramas ahead

Every single day we are surrounded by dramas.

On the TV...

We see dramas of the West...

We see cat fights of the East...

We see even more dramas in Bollywood...

We even have our yearly Best Drama Kings & Queens...

However, in life the dramas don't stop in an hour or two. The dramas of life continues even after we shut down our hearing system or close the blind of our eyes... unfortunately, it will never go away or end itself. 

Since we cannot stay away from dramas... might as well stay tuned and enjoy the sessions with one very important reminder...

Never get involve and hope to get the Best Drama King/Queen Award. Let's be the audience and enjoy the show...

Even Muffin is addicted to create drama! LOL~

and his drama never stops too!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never say Never.. be Inspired!

Today I am inspired that it's never too old to do anything!

At 58 years of age, my mom is sitting for an exam this Friday!

Looking at her studying an enormous textbook and flipping through pages and pages of test papers, it's almost unbelievable that after 40 years of not touching any serious textbook, she is now holding one and trying as hard as any teenager of SPM-age who would burn the midnight oil hoping to ace the exam!

I would say my mom will always be my role-model and this... proves yet again that she will never surrender to age. Mom, I respect that alot and so...

MistyBlush is awarding you the title
"The Most Studious Mom of the year 2010"

Even Muffin is inspired! Awesome!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I Love to Touch My Cookie Monster!

It's time to trade in my HTC for another sleek LG cool creation! Introducing the new LG Cookie series with 3 new exciting models with unique feature and fun colourful themes. See more here.

Whoa! I'm so eager to touch all three of these sleek creation and get myself one! The best news is it is available in 5 gorgeous colours and can easily match your everyday outfit... oohh... stylo-mylo indeed!

However, right now I am more eager to get into the Monster party hosted by Kenny Sia - the king of all monsters; and savor all the cookies available!

Oh oh... no more time to waste as I need to get my costume up and ready for this party!

What costume you asked? *wink*wink*

Watch out for the Cookie Monster! 
woo hoooo~

*slurrrppppp* burppp~~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 ways to cook Paul; The Octopus

I can't believe it! My favourite team lost last night!

Again, predictions by the psychic octopus is right and Germany has lost their chance to pursue the Worldcup 2010 championship title to Spain. I'm not sure how this intelligent creature is able to rightly predict most of the matches because right now I am joining the Argentinians supporters to cook the Octopus! I'm sure Paul is now on the 'Most Wanted List' for a meal in Germany too!

Hmmm... let's see...

10 ways to cook Paul the Psychic Octopus...

1. Grilled Octopus -
The easiest way to cook it will be to marinate the meat with a little salt & pepper and put it on a grill. The meat will be tender and sweet!

2. Grilled sweet & sour Octopus - 
A little creativity with the grill and voila! Another delicious grilled dish!
Grill sliced octopus with lemon, honey and lotsa olive oil.

3. Toboyaki
The famous Japanese balls using the Octopus's family jewel! *smirk* We're making full use of each parts of the Octopus, even the testicles...

4. Stir-fry Octopus -
Stir fry octopus with chilli, coriander, garlic and ginger and serve it with salad and fries.

5. Octopus in Curry Sauce -
Aaahhh... our local favourite flavor... Curry! Use the spices to enhance the sweetness of the meat, could taste even better than mutton *wink*

6. Octopus Sashimi Salad -
If you love it raw, why not squeeze a little lemon, a little salt & pepper and garnish with some spices to make a delicious fresh salad...

7. Octopus Pasta - 
What could be more tasty than a little Italian for dinner and the thought of the psychic squid on your plate? Use your imagination and toss some octopus meat into your pot of Italian sauce...

8. Octopus Soup -
No fuss at all! Warm Octopus Soup! Cooked with fresh tomatoes, some green peas and toss a little basil into the pot... lovely~

9. Stir fried Squid with Chilli paste -
The aroma of this dish will leave everyone in your neighbourhood dripping saliva!! Woo hooooo! Stir fry octopus meat with some chopped chillies, garlic and chilli paste. Serve with rice would be most recommended.

10. Octopus Tempura -
Another Jap way to eat the octopus would be to wrap it like a roll.
Use fried egg to roll the meat and the taste would be even more yummy!Add into the roll some thinly sliced cucumber, bean sprout and whatever you fancy... tailor-made the roll to your liking~

Eventhough Paul is now kept in a safety tank, it will not stop us from visualizing him on our plates and gradually digesting in our stomach... oooohhhh I heard he is now in Aquarium Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany! Making it easier for the Germans to try the above cooking styles... *muahahahahaha* slurpppppp....

So, maybe now the genius squid will not interfere with the Worldcup 2010 finale result?!