Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 is the year of love

Before all the fireworks and celebration of the New Year 2013, I need some time to sit alone and think of the past one year of 2012.

Not a spectacular year nor a marvelous one either. I have to say if I don't think too much about it, it could be just another year gone by! Wait... but this is the year where my status was just upgraded... to Mrs. Chua!

Just because of this reason alone, the year is marked the most memorable and wonderful of my life! Starting a new life with someone I love and adore is truly remarkable and sometimes makes me feel like I've grown up to another level in my already adult life. Being someone's wife is different because of the responsibility that comes with it.

The whole year just whisked by in a hurry and seems to me taking the full year to plan for my wedding is definitely the right decision. Well, looking back now, it kinda feel strange that the whole wedding is over in a day when I took a year to plan it!

Our wedding pic!

One of our favourite among the favourites!

I think that life is actually empty without love. Love is not restricted to only love relationship but also relationship with family and friends. I have to thank god for all the people in my life! Those who stayed and those who just came into my life.

No doubt, people come and go. Many people come into your life and leave footprints behind. Even these footprints teach us something valuable in life! Especially those who came in and step all over with muddy feet and then say good bye. These people taught us to look carefully at each step we take so we don't take our dirty feet into other people's life! *smile* 

Well, since you don't like what was done to you, how can you expect others to like it?

In life, we have to be happy and remain happy. It's not as easy as typing these words but with a lot of practices and daily reminder, nothing in this world is impossible. So, with this, I conclude that year 2012 is a marvelous year full of love and I vow to let these love bombard next year too!

I hope love will conquer the world so there will be less suffering and more happiness!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful wedding day...

 24.11.12 Saturday:
The early morning of the day arrived and I woke up even before the alarm goes off. As excited as a bee with honey, I sprang to the bathroom to get ready for the exciting day!

All the preparations and planning for a whole year has finally come! 

It was a day filled with laughter and fun with close friends and families. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. Truly a perfect wedding for both of us.

 I've been to many weddings and most of it comes with traditional ceremonies that are unavoidable. All to give blessings to the newly weds and hoping they will continue to love one another until the end of time.  However, most Chinese traditions are to hope for riches and good life after the wedding.

 One of the tradition is for a little boy jumping on the newly weds bed in the hope of getting more little ones in the near future!

Prayers to god and ancestors is a must!

 The traditional tea ceremony for the parents and family

We have to give away red packets for the young unmarried ones!

I have to say it over and over again that it was the perfect wedding for us. Everything was so beautiful and everyone close to our hearts was there with us to celebrate this auspicious day. 

As a child, or a young girl... like all female, I have always dreamt about my own wedding and how it will be like. I always thought that my wedding will be very grand and huge; just like Cinderella!

However, when we started to plan our wedding, I knew from my heart that I wanted it to be intimate and memorable. The only way to achieve this result would only be with people we love dearly. 

My mummy who means the world to me!

Thanks to our dear families who were supportive and loving... 

Thanks to our wonderful friends who came and celebrated the day with us!

 Another tradition before the bride leaves the house would be to toss the bouquet to the next bride-to-be!

The one day I was a blushing bride awaiting for my husband's arrival...

 As my dear husband kneels before me to ask for my hand in marriage...

As every girls' dreams, to be married one day to a Prince Charming and live happily every after.

As for me now, it's truly a dream come true...
The only wish now for me is that our love will continue to grow and hope we will stay loving until the end of our time.

*The Love Story of Bubbles and Me

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Inspiration from the sky - La vie est Belle

Being high up above the clouds, above the world and everything else, the world seems to be an endless place to be. Living in our own bubble everyday has clouded over vision of life. Our path is blinded by all the glittering lights and dust...

Right now, I am calm, serene and contented. Thinking only the most beautiful memories of all the people I love. Those who are still around, those who have already left to a better place... and those who will be leaving...

As we travelled through the sky, heavy mist and clouds may have blocked our way from time to time and causes tremor to all the passengers. However, the heavy mist quickly passes us by and greeting us is the clear blue sky again. No doubt the mist may appear again and again but we now know that awaiting us after each tremor is sunshine and beautiful clear blue sky.

It is really the most magical experience above the sky, and I wonder how many of us care enough to appreciate the magical nature surrounding us. It makes me realized that the world is actually very simple. Every element connecting to one another creating a chain reaction to every possible event in life. Every situation, good or bad is not the question but the fruit of our own action may be influenced by our behavior, thoughts and believes.

Life is never meant to be complicated. Keep every thoughts and believes simple which will then change our behavior to make our world a much more beautiful place to be.

La vie est Belle - simply means life is beautiful, is such a beautiful concept to match a lovely perfume by Lancome. A perfume with the most delicious and tasty iris creating a unique olfactory.

The sky has once again inspired me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Search for your passion, live your life!

We are living in a world of diversity. Every person we connect with is different. Differences in character, attitude, thinking, culture, behavior, habit, likes, dislikes, etc… Human being is the only creature on earth that is able to adapt and familiarize with all these complication of life.

It’s definitely not easy as from young, we are customized to adapt to such differences. When you fight with your siblings, your parents will probably punish both and give instructions to accept each other. When we have problems with our relationship, we will most probably find books like ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, the kind of book that provides deeper knowledge of how both sexes are different from one another and how to live together. When you argue with your peers, your superior will then instruct all to work it out and communicate. In other words, get use to it and by hook or by crook, find a way to work together!

Well, at the end of it all, we will find ways to adapt. Some people are easier to get along with, mostly because we are almost alike. There are some that are harder to get along because the differences in thinking and behavior are too vast.

But then what if you are surrounded by people who have the intention to sabotage your life? If you know people who seems very nice but with a hidden agenda that is solely for selfish reasons? Do we adapt to them or do we go against nature?

We are not the person other people wish we were. We are also who we decide to be. It’s always easy to blame others. You can spend your entire life blaming others, but your successes or failures are entirely your own responsibility. You can try to stop time, but it’s a complete waste of energy. – nipped from Aleph by Paulo Coelho.

Okay, interesting saying by Mr. Coelho. I totally agree with him as I believe what we have learn along the way is of course to create world peace. If human did not learn how to adapt to one another, we will be at World War the 1 millionth times by now!

No point focusing our energy on those people… well, because it is a waste of energy! Why not focus our energy on how to make our own life more interesting. Life is always about finding the right balance. If what you are experiencing is not in line with what you want in life, why wait? Why not find what you want and focus all your energy on it?

People, life is too short and time wait for no one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally Mr & Mrs

I was counting down the moment we decided to register our marriage on the most romantic day of the year. Valentine's day! Literally, I was waiting for the day to come.

Two months before the big day, I was already prepared...

Pretty dress...checked!

Matching Rings... checked!

Gorgeous heels to match the dress...CHECKED!
Appointment letter from the registration department...checked!

Flowers... ok, there is one problem to buy flowers on Valentine's Day because the price seems to soar three times! But he got me pretty flowers to match my pretty dress!  

However, never did it crossed my mind for one second during all the above that I would feel afraid. We've known each other for almost three years now and our love has blossom beautifully since then. I've known all along that he is the ONE and he told me he's prepared to love me til death do us part...

A few days before Valentine's Day, I panicked! 

I almost wanted to run away on the eve of Valentine's Day...

I have called my best friend and asked her if she will keep me secretly in her house until Valentine's Day is over...

I've asked myself over and over again... Why did I feel this way?

Well, I guess it must have been the stress... almost like those feelings you get before sitting for an important exam or attending a job interview that you really wanted. It is the knowing of how important it is and not knowing how to handle if you fail. I must have been afraid of failure.

Fortunately, the unconscious part of me stopped me from doing anything stupid to spoil the big day. The morning of Valentine's Day, I woke up feeling excited with butterflies in my stomach!

This is it! I am going to be his wife!

We reached Putrajaya very early and were the third couple to go through the registration process. The moment he said 'I do'... everything seems to be alright again and I felt so loved and cared for. This is the right decision!
 It's so simple...

Step 1: He signed the papers...

Step 2: I signed the papers...
Step 3: Papa signed the papers...

Step 4: Mama signed the papers...

Step 5: We are officially off the market!
My new title is Mrs.Chua! *love*

He hold me so tight and said "I am never going to let you go..."

I know now... this is the start of a new chapter in our relationship... and we promised never to let go... no matter what happens... the bond will only grow tighter with love.

"Mr & Mrs Chua"
We were pronounced as Husband & Wife on Valentine's Day! 
(14th February 2012)