Sunday, April 27, 2008

My work trip to Sibu, Sarawak

My first visit to Sibu is definately an eye-opener! Although not really an exciting one but it truly opens up my mind on how stress and demanding the KL city folks are. There, people are so carefree and relax. Seriously, it's a place where everyone works slow, speak slow, drive slow...practically everything...Slowwwwww...... For a city girl like me, who has gone through life always in a fast pace and was trained to be quick in everything, I truly suffered the first night I was there! How can shops closes at 6pm??? Haha! But the second day was a little better for me, I managed to relaxed a little and starts to enjoy the slow happenings surrounding me. Starts to appreciate the nature and the views of Sibu. Starts to be amazed at how huge their drains were!

I believe my expectations of my training trip to Sibu was higher than expected and I was a little disappointed at first. But it was all in all a nice experience and I did relaxed myself for the past few days. Come Monday, will be the start of the normal busy stress lifestyle that was expected in KL city. I think I better get myself back to KL mode before Monday for I'm still on Sibu mode!

Here are some facts on Sibu town:
Sibu is a town, and the capital of Sibu District (2,229.8 square kilometers) in Sibu Division, Sarawak, east Malaysia. It is located at the confluence of the Rajang and Igan Rivers, some 60 kilometers from the ocean. The population is dominated by Chinese especially the Fuzhou as well as indigenous Melanau, Malay, and Iban. The district population (per year 2002 census) is 228,700.

There has been a marked increase in public buildings in recent years. Sibu now boasts the largest town square in Malaysia, and the tallest building in Sarawak - the Sanyan Tower ("Wisma Sanyan" in the official Malay language), a newly refurbished waterfront, and a large number of public parks. Sibu also has university-level courses offered by United College Sarawak, which has built a campus on the site of the old Sibu airport.
Sibu is the main tourist gateway to the Upper Rajang River, with its small riverine towns and its many Iban and Orang Ulu longhouses.
Sibu Jaya, located 25 km away, is being developed as a satellite town. Sibu airport, built during World War II, was relocated to its present site 23 kilometers from town near Sibu Jaya in 1994.

Tourist Destinations
Among the interesting tourist destinations in Sibu are Wisma Sanyan, Tua Pek Kong Temple and the Central Market. The Civic Centre Museum has a display of Sibu's history, and Melanau, Iban, Malay, and Chinese artifacts. The YMCA Resort is an outskirt resort getaway for camping and retreat.

The Central Market is the biggest indoor market in Malaysia. It is home of hundreds of hawker stalls. The Pasar Malam (Night Market) is situated in the town center. Local traders will usually set up their mobile stores at around 7pm-11pm. Items on display are general Malay and Chinese delicacies, clothing, daily necessities, handicrafts and others. The 28 -storey Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sarawak has the biggest shopping center in Sibu. Wisma Sanyan houses Parkson and many other shops. Other shopping complexes include Medan Mall (Everise), Farley and the newly opened Delta Mall. A Lot 9 mall will be opened just opposite Delta Mall.

Sibu is known for its delicious and affordable local cuisine. The more famous ones include:

"Kam Buan" noodles (干捞面) - available at almost all coffee shops and food stalls. There is a debate on which kampua is the best. * Sarawak Laksa - Nice Sarawak laksa can be founded at Aloha

"Diang Miang Ngu"(鼎边糊, similar to Taiwan's 鼎边銼)- a savoury soup available at many stalls as a late night supper. A popular joint is in an alleyway by Jalan Blacksmith.

"Bien Niuk"(扁肉, also called wanton, 雲吞. It is known as 餛囤 on the Chinese mainland,while Taiwanese call it 炒手) - a meat dumpling soup.

"Kom Biang" (光饼)- a Foochow delicacy made with flour, baked in an oven and eaten either with or without meat and a special gravy. It is somewhat similar to a bagel. However, it can be either in a crisp or soft version. Nice soft kompia dipped in pork sauce can be sought from Chung Hua road and the Sunday Market at Pedada road.

"You Zhar Gui" (油炸桧, also called 油條 in Chinese) - deep fried twin dough batter often dipped in soup or chili sauce.

"Bek Ting Yuok": The soup of eight essences - nice, sweet, tasty and nutritious Chinese soup made of at least eight types of Chinese herbal materials.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happiness = Less Demanding

A major cause of many people's sadness is their lack of attaining things they
could live without. This is ironic. A person demands things because he wishes to
live a happier life. But with that very demand, he causes himself much
unhappiness. Give up your demand for what you are unable to obtain and you will
live a happier life.

This is so true! People definately concentrate too much on material things and has high demands and expectations in life.

What is happiness and what is satisfaction?
Their definition of happiness and satisfaction are; money, status, huge mansion and powerful cars, and god knows what else people wishes for.

I remember my dad used to tell me that I need to have a certain amount of money or income to feel secure in life. Yes, I agree as seeing how everything is getting more and more unreasonably expensive. But his ideal income is also truly impossible! Maybe within his life's experience, money is 'the' most important thing or not he would not have survived. But my thoughts and aim in life is much more than just $$$.

$$$ cannot buy happiness.

$$$ cannot buy my soul.

$$$ is useless when I die and leave only my footprints on earth.

I asked myself numerous times; if I die tomorrow, what would be my biggest regrets?

It will be not living a happy life, giving love and care to my family and friends, and care for people who are underpriviledge or less fortunate. Thus, I will leave the world feeling sad and empty.

To remind myself again that happiness is not what we have in life for it is what we appreciate that we have in life. I am very lucky indeed to be born to a complete family when some wishes to know who their parents are. I am counting lucky stars to be born without any handicap when some people have to live with just one leg. I am lucky indeed to be born in an environment where I don't have need to beg for food. I am indeed blessed.

So being happy is not such a difficult thing. Its our head that is making everything so difficult. Live life appreciating what we already have and be less demanding. Try giving more to those who needs our help and we will be blessed with happiness...