Friday, October 30, 2009

Hair Story

I was reading an article online regarding hairstyles which inspired me this entry. I have to agree with the article that hairstyles certainly reflects a certain character in a person's personality. I have changed my hairstyles numerous time and discovered that my current hairstyle is what suit my personality the best. I have had very long hair to very short hair, curly hair to very straight hair. A few months back I have shorten my bangs hoping to make me look slightly younger. However, right now I am now waiting to grow my bangs and hair longer so I can have sexy wavy curls by next year.

So what is your ideal hair?

Short hair

If a woman has a well-maintained and carefully-cut short hairstyle, it can reveal that she is artistic and wants to express herself through her hair. Any high-maintenance hairstyle can be a sign of wealth or that a woman cares about her looks, but short hair requires frequent trips to the stylist, a sign that the woman is okay with spending money to look good.

According to Dimitrius, “Spending a significant percentage of one’s income on hair—or any other aspect of personal appearance—suggests vanity, a need for acceptance, concern about others’ perceptions, and possibly insecurity.”

Of course, there are some women who are forced to have short hair because of certain reasons like hair loss or unhealthy hair because of specific health reasons.

Long hair

Long hair can have multiple meanings. Many women believe that long hair makes them more sexually appealing, but it can also show a bohemian spirit or a need for freedom. Feminism may be potrayed with long hair. Survey also shown that majority of men consider women with long hair more appealing than short hair.

Long hair can be divided into 2 categories which is straight and wavy. Some cultures perceives straight hair more vibrant and young. Some perceives wavy hair as sexy and flirtatious.

However, women over forty with long hair can be trying to hold onto their youth (and sex appeal) and may be unrealistic in their perceptions of themselves.

Unique and multi coloured hair
Mohawks, Unique Styles

Obviously this shows that the wearer bucks tradition and doesn’t care what people think of her. The wearers are usually young and adventurous, but wearing these styles into adulthood reveals a woman who has little regard for what conventional society (employers, authority figures) thinks of her. Also people who are in the creative industry tends to be more adventurous with their hairstyles (stylist, artist, etc)

So which hairstyle do you adopt to reveal your personality?
I believe a person's hairstyle may tell many stories of a person's life ventures. From the moment you were born to the moment you pay for your own hair cut and to the time where your styles changes to suit your lifestyle or taste. Each style provides a unique story of a person. So, ensure that your story is well perceived by your audience.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K

Normally I would not specifically blog about food. However, a trip to Shangai 10 at Avenue K made me feels like heaven... I meant the food.... As I am not the usual food blogger, I will just simply state my true feelings...

First dish we ordered were the famous "xiu long bao". The delicious soup in the dumpling were oozing out as my teeth sanked into the soft skin of the dumpling. Oooh... heaven!
I have tasted this dish from quite a number of restaurant, but the sweetness of the soup and the meat of this dumpling from Shanghai 10 is something that I would prefer over the others.

Next comes the special noodles of the restaurant. My bf ordered a mild spicy soupy la mian, which was supposed to be another of their recommended dish.

Not as spicy as it looks though, and this can be categorized as those 'comfort food' type that is able to make you feel like life is free from problem... something like "chocolate in heaven"...
The slightly thick soup feels warm and comfortable when travelling down the throat....

This is certainly heaven-made! Durian Pancake...
The creamy texture of the fillings plus a hint of durian taste certainly made me feels so satisfying. The skin is soft, kinda like popiah but much smoother and softer. The colour of this dish compliments the taste as well, you know how they say visuals actually influence the taste buds. That's why professional chefs made so much effort in food creativity. Coming back to this, it is a must try for all.

Last on the list will the Avacado Rolls. Although we were quite full from the main dish, but this is another highly recommended item. The fried-meehon-like wrapping the avacado fillings made this such an adventurous venture for me. I usually don't fancy such food. However, the taste of this combo were hard to resist. The avocado fillings taste a little like 'kaya' but slightly stronger and less sweet. The fried-meehoon-like wrap were so crunchy that I felt like I was eating 'keropok'.... and after wiping out the whole dish, you just can't stop yourself from picking the small pieces of fried-meehoon-like and eating them like 'keropok'.... definitely a must try!

They have quite a number of set meals as well and the prices are quite reasonable taking in consideration that the food are quite presentable and with reasonable quality. However, the staff are not very well-trained. I would say the service from the staff did not compliment the delicious food at all. I would have gotten a 10% discount off the bill from Jusco membercard if the staff could just mention before the payment. Not until I ask them that they told me to see for myself as the tiny sad-looking sign for the discount were placed at the counter. Certainly a bad ending to such a wonderful food adventure...
Let's see when I will make another visit there again....with my Jusco membercard!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Can you hear bells?

Can you hear bells ringing?

I hear bells ringing everywhere! It is the time of the year again where you get bombarded with wedding invitations!

I don’t mean it in a bad way. However, seeing all my school buddies getting hitch; especially those who were once my classmates looking like an angel in their wedding dress makes me feel kinda astounded. It is not in a dreadful way though as I am very happy seeing my school buddies getting married to great guys and starting a wonderful new chapter in their lives.

It is just so amazing seeing my school buddies transforming from once a young innocent-looking… or maybe not… school girl to the now a vibrantly beautiful and glowing bride. Seeing them now makes me realized as well that time has certainly changed everything. People changed. Life has changed. Circumstances have changed. Status has changed. Even friendships have changed.

Without any doubt, I have changed so much. Even comparing a year ago and now, there are significant changes that makes me a different person. I would think that changes are good in a way that brings new challenges and adventures into our lives. Changes could be a motivation to one to close up on opportunity areas in one’s life. Maybe a change of a behavior will bring new opportunities. A change in perspective might make unfortunate situation becomes a new challenge. Some changes of our actions might bring new friendships into our lives.

Who knows what’s going to occur next, right? Just as long as we don’t see change as a threat or something that is unpleasant... some might even see it as an unfortunate situation.

Well, I do hope to be able to see more of my school buddies in their wedding dress and angelic smile. If at any chance that circumstances doesn’t allow me to be there on that momentous day… I just wanna say it here that I am absolutely happy for you and hope you will continue unfolding countless joyful and blessings in your new chapter in life!

Chew Mei looking exceptionally beautiful in her wedding dress... The girl who once sat next to me in the classroom...

Leah's memorable day! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend due to my dad's passing away a month before her wedding... I was supposed to be one of her pink angels...

Rachel looking incredibly sweet and angelic next to her beau...

Both Rachel and Leah are now mummies. I hope there will be more to come ^_^

A glimpse of Leah's Princess....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live your true life

“When you say you fear death, you are really saying that you fear you have not lived your true life. This fear cloaks the world in silent suffering.”
By David Viscott

How do you know what your true life is?
How do you know how to live it?

The answers to these questions are yours for the taking, but you must seize the answers and not wait to be given them. No one will give you the answers.

In order to find out what your true life could be, you should look for clues in what and when makes you the happiest.

What makes you happy?

The same question to ask yourself over and over again until the final and true answer comes to you.

For me I have found that teaching makes me happy, writing makes me happy, dancing makes me happy, and performing makes me happy. Besides that, being with family or people that I love makes me happy as well.

It took me years of unhappiness to finally reach a point of despair to find my answers. I remembered the first time I was on the stage delivering a 15 minutes speech to a hall of 200 audiences, I was ecstatic before and after the speech. Everyday I would spend quality time rehearsing how I could deliver the speech most effectively. I would visualize myself standing on the stage, the feelings of successfully delivering the speech, the enthusiasm of the audience after hearing my speech, the radiant of confidence that I would portray to the audience, and the whole atmosphere of the event. The motivation was just so unbelievable.

My first experience on stage was so unbelievably great that I was looking forward to my second and third time. My point here is when you are doing something that makes you feel so satisfied and ecstatic, you become a different person. I feel so happy doing it that the feeling is just indescribable.

You need not be perfect in doing the things that makes you happy because perfection comes from practices. However, the joy and motivation from the activity is more important. You must enjoy the process and be willing to stay for more!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Wonderful Man

"My Wonderful Man"
It seems I dreamed you into life
For once I visualized this guy
Who cares for me and makes me smile
Who kisses my forehead when I cry
Who holds my hand
Who gives me warm hugs every night
Even when the journey seems rough
You always seems to amaze me
You never fail to assure me
You never fail to be there for me
My heart melts when you whisper
That your love for me is for real
That I will be your angel forever
Being with you has been a blessing
Every hour every day
Your love fills my heart
A wonderful man in my life
That nothing can compare
The bluest sky
The deepest sea
You are so special to me
Poem by Joselyn Lee
***A special dedication to a wonderful man in my life......

your angel..... your inspiration....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Remembering the day dad left home... forever!

Today is the first anniversary of my daddy’s death. I have to say I’m not as emotional as I thought I would be. Thinking back to the same day last year, I had lunch with him and said our good byes before he was found dead. As today signifies his leaving us for exactly a year, I was quite sure I will cry me a river; just like Justin Timberlake’s song. However, I did thought of him for most of today but I did not shed a single tear because of him.

I am so proud of myself. I admit I did not let go of him since he passed away. Every time I think of him there would certainly be gloominess and misery as I truly missed him terribly.

**Click to view 04.10.08 blog on his death .... ***

Especially last night as our family celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival at home. Last year, he forced me to search high and low for mooncakes. He made a big fuss when my mom did not manage to buy any mooncakes for him.

My grandma certainly did had a lot of FUN!

Thanks to my mom who made this happened and for preparing so much food for us!

Bubbles who have been a great support in my life...

My bro too for being a good confidant since the day dad passed away.

Today, I am certain of one thing. I have moved on. Of course my heart still aches when I think of him. Of course he will forever have a special place in my heart and forever be missed, but today I realized that he would want us to live happily. He would want to see us having a great time and live well as a family. He would want my mom to live happily and safely. That was what he always wanted when he was still alive.

As for me, it is truly time to let go as 1 year has already passed in a blink of an eye. Life is so beautiful and there are so many adventures and chapters to unfold. It’s certainly cruel to stop myself from experiencing a remarkable life as god intend for me to.

With this, I would like to say my very last good bye to my daddy and hope he is living his remarkable and beautiful life wherever he is now.

Love you forever...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The kopitiam craze

I love having crunchy toasts with bouncy half-boiled eggs and the strong aroma of delicious white coffee early in the morning. Most of the time I will opt for Old Town as the price is almost reasonable and the coffee is so awakening.

The success of Old Town Kopitiam was so great that soon there are cheap imitations of the coffee house found in almost every corner of Klang Valley. Just like cheap looking LVs in Petaling Street. Let me try to remember the names of those Old Town imitations.

1. Old Boy Kopitiam - This is funny… when a boy is old he is usually referred to as a man…

2. Old Taste Kopitiam - What I heard was the founder of this chain was a runaway from Old Town Kopitiam… Haha!

3. Georgetown White Coffee Kopitiam - I saw this recently in the newspaper… I always thought Georgetown is famous for their “Har Mee” Prawn Mee…

4. Papparich Kopitiam - okiee…a refreshing name comparing the above. At least the founder uses some creativity and not just simply jumps into the bandwagon of other’s success. Well, in an indirect way though. But I have to agree that at least the food is alright.

5. others others… I am kinda lazy to list down all others as I am now enjoying the tasty white coffee at Old Town Kopitiam located at Old Klang Road and getting kinda irritated by the lousy wi-fi connection. Sigh, should have gone to Pappa Rich just next door!

I might be unfair to others but I still think Old Town has the best Coffee despite the limited choice of food.

My mom mentioned once that they might have drugged the coffee to get me so addicted. Come to think of that, maybe! Or they might have drugged the eggs too as I am addicted to them as well! I too think their eggs are better than anywhere! Even those done at home :P Well, since Bubbles got his medical report today that shows a slight above average in cholesterol. So I can have his share now! Yippee!

If only I can have my own chain of Kopitiam with a unique name. Well, let me think of a few nice names that I can use:

1. Josy Kopitiam - nah! Too original…

2. Super Aroma Kopitiam - aiks! Sounds like some Reflexology turned Kopitiam type…

3. Grassy Scenery Kopitiam - I’m sure people will stay away from this place… as I too will not enter a place that implies they sell grass…

4. Forever 21 Kopitiam - hmmm… I might lose “OLDER” customers… those uncle-uncle type might be shy to enter the shop…

5. Delightful Taste Kopitiam - ehhh… not bad wor…maybe :P

Enough la! Not as if I will own one tomorrow. I will think of it when the time comes. Now just hope the time will come. No nooo…The law of attraction says must be positive…

The day will definitely COME! You wait!

See, I too am influenced by the Kopitiam-mania started by Old Town.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Motivation by Implying Fear

Most people encourage action by implying fear.

How true is that?
I ponder on the subject for the whole evening after getting the idea from a book I was reading and agreed that it is how the world works.

From young, you’ll definitely hear mama telling you
“You better finish up the vegetables or the policeman will put you in jail!” or
“You better do your homework or your teacher will punish you”.

How often do you hear people telling you
“You better go to college and get a degree or you won’t get a good job” or
“You better study hard or you will be a road sweeper!”

When you get out of school and land yourself in your first paying job, people start telling you “You better buck up or you’ll be fired”.
Or “You better not step on your bosses tail or you’re gonna get screwed!”

So, does it means that fear actually get people going?
Fear is the only way to get people doing what they should be doing?
Is that the only effective motivation or is it the easiest motivation?

Sometimes, I do think that this way is not as effective as it used to be. When the world is now conquered by Information Technology aka the Internet, people are smarter and information travels a lot faster. People know more. People know what they should be doing and what they should not be doing. People know the differences between doing good and bad that will affect their lives. People learn from other people around the world.
So, what I can conclude is…

Motivation or encouragement by fear does not work as effective as before when people nowadays are so much more informed.

My advice is to encourage people by being compassionate and motivate others by your knowledge.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Figuring the grey

I figured why I am feeling so ‘grey’ lately. But before I dwell on that, let me express my gratitude for having wonderful and great people in my life. Firstly, my dear BF was very concerned after reading the previous blog entry. He thought he was unable to provide me with happiness. This of course is so untrue! He is the pillar to my everyday happiness. Secondly, my dear Joanne reminded me of my colourful life. A life so wonderful; that I have forgotten in the past 2 days because of some minor troubles. I really have to get back to my gratitude diary!

Now, coming back to the ‘grey’ concern, this of course has everything to do with worries for the future. As today is the first day of a new month, time for bills payment again. Every month, money is going out as fast as water rushing down a waterfall which left me merely surviving for the rest of the month. The expectation and standard of living in the city is so costly these days that I keep thinking where and how I can get more money to survive.

It is certainly not easy.

But then again, if I focus too much on things that is out of my control and resulting in hurting myself and the people I love… then it’s a waste of time and energy. No doubt the worries will not be gone just like that. I can only minimize the focus and allocate my attention to more important stuffs; like important people in my life.

Adding on to the above, my trouble seems so ‘peanut’ comparing to what is happening to world right now. People are losing homes and families because of the recent earthquakes. Reading the news again today makes me feel so sad for them. Almost every year or alternate years the earth is experiencing such ‘drama’ from nature. People are fighting for their lives and the life of loved ones. Even if lives are saved, the after-trauma is not something to be taken lightly.