Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful wedding day...

 24.11.12 Saturday:
The early morning of the day arrived and I woke up even before the alarm goes off. As excited as a bee with honey, I sprang to the bathroom to get ready for the exciting day!

All the preparations and planning for a whole year has finally come! 

It was a day filled with laughter and fun with close friends and families. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. Truly a perfect wedding for both of us.

 I've been to many weddings and most of it comes with traditional ceremonies that are unavoidable. All to give blessings to the newly weds and hoping they will continue to love one another until the end of time.  However, most Chinese traditions are to hope for riches and good life after the wedding.

 One of the tradition is for a little boy jumping on the newly weds bed in the hope of getting more little ones in the near future!

Prayers to god and ancestors is a must!

 The traditional tea ceremony for the parents and family

We have to give away red packets for the young unmarried ones!

I have to say it over and over again that it was the perfect wedding for us. Everything was so beautiful and everyone close to our hearts was there with us to celebrate this auspicious day. 

As a child, or a young girl... like all female, I have always dreamt about my own wedding and how it will be like. I always thought that my wedding will be very grand and huge; just like Cinderella!

However, when we started to plan our wedding, I knew from my heart that I wanted it to be intimate and memorable. The only way to achieve this result would only be with people we love dearly. 

My mummy who means the world to me!

Thanks to our dear families who were supportive and loving... 

Thanks to our wonderful friends who came and celebrated the day with us!

 Another tradition before the bride leaves the house would be to toss the bouquet to the next bride-to-be!

The one day I was a blushing bride awaiting for my husband's arrival...

 As my dear husband kneels before me to ask for my hand in marriage...

As every girls' dreams, to be married one day to a Prince Charming and live happily every after.

As for me now, it's truly a dream come true...
The only wish now for me is that our love will continue to grow and hope we will stay loving until the end of our time.

*The Love Story of Bubbles and Me