Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gift of love on my birthday

My special day started with a gift of love. Bubbles surprised me with a beautiful heart-shape pendant which symbolizes his love and affection to me. I can now carry his heart with me wherever I go...

We spent the day eating, shopping, laughing, and sight-seeing... we were gallivanting a historical town and just enjoying each others' company.

As night approaches, we watched the sunset across the ocean... and observed every single change surrounding us. The sky was so beautiful with pale hues of blue and pale orange. It was magnificent!

Watching the sea of water flowing endlessly across the ocean and the ever busy little waves that dash to the shore, made me think of my current life situation. The ever struggle to find my way in life to reach somewhere that will give me fulfillment and purposeful achievement... I am now floating endlessly on the water surface hoping that I will not drown... hoping to find the right direction...

However, the calmness of the sea brought me another perspective... the ocean is so wide... although the surface of the ocean appear calm but there are so many unseen activities that is going on! So many possibilities... or it might be misfortunes. But we will never be able to know or experience all, unless we jump into the ocean to find out! Otherwise, it's impossible to know it all or see it all. What we see is only the surface...

So, to ponder on my own situation... There are so many possibilities in life. Am I going to limit myself to what I am now? Would I want to carry on allowing myself to float on the surface or dive in to explore the possibilities?

After-all, life is short... and I have just celebrated being another year older... nevertheless, much wiser. Age is just a number when we understand the flow of life...

Thanks to my darling who made my special day exceptionally memorable and lovely. From the beautiful gift to the time and effort in planning the weekend for me. I had a wonderful birthday.... because of you...

Not forgetting my family who has always been a great support in my life. My life will not be the same without your love and support...

To the girls who made life even more colourful and exciting. Thanks to the birthday gift! You ladies seriously know me too well... Now I can have beautifully scented hair at all times!

I could not have asked for a better celebration... The love that these people shared with me is the best gift ever. Life will never be complete without love...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nasty dirt or diamonds?

The law of attraction teaches the principle of think, speak & act what you want and you will attract the same kind.

Well, then I wonder why there are some annoying people in my life that always act as if I have somehow raped them in their dreams? Hmm... I do have a feeling that some people are still spreading ill-words about me. But then again, feelings are not taken into consideration in the courtroom. My theory of evil-minded people are those who act, think & speak of other people the way their mind act and think. If your mind is evil, naturally all thoughts will be evil as well.

I am certainly not angry nor am I guilty of raping them in their dreams or hate them for spreading ill-words about me. Neither am I afraid of their evil minded thoughts and their nasty talks. The truth is I am sorry for these people as I feel they are suffering deep in their heart but unable to express their inner pain. Hence, they use improper ways to release their grief.

Nevertheless, I am also extremely sad that I have to deal with these people on a daily basis and this made it even more difficult for me to be myself. Being myself means I trust totally, love endlessly, laugh & talk excitedly, listening sympathetically, hugs warmly, and etc... I'm not trying to portray a saint here but what I mean is that I am a simple person and I like to be who I am. I just don't like to fake it.

Sometimes it is difficult to see who is a genuine person and I find myself avoiding people because I can't seem to differentiate a piece of dirty rock and precious diamonds in my circle of acquaintance.

The only thing I can do is to continue being myself and be the sunshine to those I care. Hopefully this sunshine still have enough energy left after dealing with those evil-minded people and their nastiness the whole day! I just hope that one day...hopefully in the near future... I can free myself from having to deal with unwanted intrusion of dirty rocks and do what I intend to do... which is to pursue my purpose in life...and continue on my journey to be happy, to spread happiness, to love and be loved!

Are these genuine diamonds or are they actually dirts in disguised?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a shared celebration

Birthday celebration is a yearly occassion.
However, being able to share a birthday celebration with a friend who is caring, supportive, loving and always a great listener is certainly a precious gift.
I would like to dedicate this space to a wonderful friend who made it happen...
Here are some happy moments caught on camera....

Happy Birthday to Bunny & Blossom!

Thanks to mom, bro & bubbles for providing your love & laughter throughout the happy celebration... Even Muffin was laughing and mom joined in our Bunny Team!

Thanks to my darling for making my birthday extra special... not to mention the effort of making those cute tasty lil'burgers... the best burgers in my life! hehehe...

And bro who got Bunny & Blossom a delicious yummy yum yum cheese cake!

of course not forgetting my dearest Bunny... Bunny asked if I like the lil' pressies that she got me... my answer is yes! I love 'em... however, I think the best pressie that Bunny has given me is to be able to share the celebration with her...

Well... aside from the lovely people, food and cakes... the highlight of the celebration was actually during the "Game Time"!!

Hmm... so many games to choose from...
which game will be most enjoyable for the occassion...??

Should we "TABOO"??

It was "Shots & Ladders" that was chosen!
The game that lasted for a few hours and got us all high in spirit!

It was a FUN-tastic game indeed...
*wink wink*


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Matthieu Richard on the habits of happiness

After training in biochemistry at the Institute Pasteur, Matthieu Ricard left science behind to move to the Himalayas and become a Buddhist monk -- and to pursue happiness, both at a basic human level and as a subject of inquiry. Achieving happiness, he has come to believe, requires the same kind of effort and mind training that any other serious pursuit involves.

His deep and scientifically tinged reflections on happiness and Buddhism have turned into several books, including The Quantum and the Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet. At the same time, he also makes sensitive and jaw-droppingly gorgeous photographs of his beloved Tibet and the spiritual hermitage where he lives and works on humanitarian projects.

His latest book on happiness is Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill; his latest book of photographs is Tibet: An Inner Journey.

"Matthieu Ricard, French translator and right-hand man for the Dalai Lama, has been the subject of intensive clinical tests at the University of Wisconsin, as a result of which he is frequently described as the happiest man in the world."
by Robert Chalmers, The Independent

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why we do what we do?

Tony Robbins might have one of the world's most famous smiles; his beaming confidence has helped sell his best-selling line of self-help books, and fill even his 10,000-seat seminars. What's less known about the iconic motivational speaker is the range and stature of his personal clients. From CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes, a wide swath of high-performing professionals (who are already plenty motivated, thank you very much) look to him for help reaching their full potential.

Robbins' expertise in leadership psychology is what brought him to TED, where his spontaneous on-stage interaction with Al Gore created an unforgettable TED moment. It also perfectly demonstrated Robbins' direct -- even confrontational -- approach, which calls on his listeners to look within themselves, and find the inner blocks that prevent them from finding fulfillment and success. Some of his techniques -- firewalking, for example -- are magnets for criticism, but his underlying message is unassailable: We all have the ability to make a positive impact on the world, and it's up to us, as individuals, to overcome our fears and foibles to reach that potential.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I need answers!

How many times have you asked yourself this question "Should I? Or should I not?"

I am guessing thousands of times in your lifetime? Or uncountable because sometimes you just kept asking yourself the same question over and over again til you've lost count?

Someone just told me I am going through mid-life crisis which is normal to be feeling the way I feel. Damn... mid-life crisis? What the h***? Already? I thought I still have a bit more time before middle age... This adds on more frustration to the already annoying dilemma.

Maybe it's the burden of getting an answer to my questions that is bothering me. I am truly lost and my vision for the right direction is now covered completely by mist. When will this ever end? When will the clouds give way to sunshine? I need the rays of light to enlighten me again...
**The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... a very crucial step indeed!

Monday, January 11, 2010

It is time to clear the air...

I think it is time again!

Time again to clear that overflowing wardrobe and donate items that others need and will appreciate more. No point keeping items that I am unable to use or using less because it will rot through the years and block up space where usable items might be able to store.

In the Fengshui definition of piling up junks (unusable items) is called the stagnant "chi". It basically means stalling up the air and causing weak energy to the people staying in the environment. Just think about constipation and you will know what I mean! So it is advisable to always keep the chi flowing by moving things around and letting in fresh chi to the environment.

However, in charity stand point of view, it means giving items to the unfortunate. The items that is of no use to you may change another person's life.

I made a silent vow to myself a few days back that whenever I feel like indulging on buying another over-priced items, I will donate at least RM200 to charity. Which I did on Sunday and it truly felt incredibly wonderful. Plus the urge to buy that over-priced item is gone! Why would I need another pricey dress or shoe when some people are striving to stay alive with only daily basics?

Why do I need another pair of designer shoes?

I just hope this year will see that my journey to achieving my resolutions of spreading happiness will be a smooth one. After clearing my wardrobe, I will continue my search for poor homes/orphanages to organize another fund raiser.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rays of hope!

the rays of hope...

As I was traveling to visit an orphanage home this afternoon, I've experienced the most amazing phenomena. The sky was looking very gray and rain was predicted to pour in the next few minutes.

Although I was not in the best of mood today, however I did tried to overcome the negative feelings in me by letting go the misery and anger.
Exactly like what I always say, it is easier said than done yet the mission is not impossible if we put in a little more effort than usual.

Then... suddenly... as I gazed out the window towards the dark gray sky... I caught a weak glimpse of sun rays through the thick gray clouds and for the next quick seconds... a stream of beautiful bright golden rays of sun light shone proudly through the gray sky! That beautiful scene brought the first genuinely happy smile of the day to my face. It was so inspirational!

It also made me realized once again of how beautiful nature should be when we take the time to admire it.

Nonetheless, it has encouraged a new insight in me. Life will always be clouded by undesirable situations and challenges. It is to test our ability to be able to look beyond these situations to the hopes and joys that will always be hidden behind all the gloominess in life. Which also means that life shouldn't be taken too seriously, or the fun and laughter will be lost behind all desperation and greediness.

Hm-mm... maybe I don't need to live in a cave after all!

Unavoidable emotional yo-yo?

All of us seek something better in life
That something that will give us satisfaction;
which leads to happiness in life
Then why is it then we see sadness and strife?
Obsessions, jealousy, ignorance in all walks of life
Do you ignore them and walk right on by?
or does your heart weep as you look them in the eye

What Karma has brought them;
you really don't know
a life torn asunder or addiction did grow
Life, certainly ain't easy

My Buddha Heart weeps for all troubled souls

poem by Joselyn Lee

I was looking thru my previous blog entries and found this poem that was inspired during the period where I lost my dad. I admit that the above poem was written during one those truly heartbreaking times. Reading it today with different thoughts and feelings brought an entire new meaning to the poem, which is why I am including this poem in this entry.

New Year resolutions are unquestionably important as it will change or encourage a person to be better. This year my resolutions were made simple as all I want in life is to be happier and to spread the happiness to those I love. I suppose all my actions and thoughts will be influenced by this simple wish in mind.

However, it's certainly easier said than done. In this matter, it's easier written than done.

In the life of any human, emotional issues are like rollercoaster. The higher one experienced, the faster the ride down would be. My question to myself would be... Are we in control of the ride? Or is the ride being controlled by the people that we associate with daily, taking into consideration of how much this person mean in our lives?

I do believe that everything happens in life for a certain reason. Nothing is the result of miracles or magic for the world is the result of the chain-reactions of multiple actions and thoughts. Sadly, for this reason, all of us are affected emotionally by others and it takes a holy monk to be able to break away from this chain.

At this moment, I am wondering if simple life means living in a cave and away from the frightening human mind?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happily ever after?

I saw this article about the "Top 10 list to a happier love life" somewhere on the internet and it seems to be simple enough to understand. However, the challenge is always the action...

The Top 10 list to a happier love life...
1. Never take your spouse for granted. Avoid thinking only me, myself and I.
2. Live and think together as a couple.
3. Negotiate and compromise. Fights and quarrels never help any relationship.
4. Set goals for your relationship and work hard towards achieving them.
5. Always treat each other with love and respect in everything that you do.
6. Confide and communicate with each other to avoid misunderstandings.
7. Create a trusting and secure environment for a strong relationship.
8. Make the effort; it's the little acts that make the difference.
9. Share and encourage each other's interests and passions.
10. Offer unconditional love without any obligations or strings attached

It is always easy to want someone to be loving and accept you for who you are, but as I always say... the human mind is genius if made to good use but will also be a scary monster when it overworked itself in certain situation. The above Top 10 list is totally useless if life is so complicated. I would rather live in a cave and face the lizards.... if you know what I mean...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

psst... 2010 has arrived!

Yes! 2010 is here! Happy New Year!

Phew! Time truly waits for no one. Even if you're not ready for it, 2010 is here and you are to welcome it with a big bear hug! I am hugging 2010 with joy as I managed to have started of the New Year with a lot of laughter and fun. So, did you enjoyed the first few moments of the New Year like I did?

New Year’s Eve were as usual with heavy traffic everywhere as the whole nation waits for the clock to strike midnight for the gorgeous fireworks. Some places were seen to be very 'happening' and packed with people as well. I also know some friends celebrated overseas as a new experience and some had a small gathering of their own with closed friends and family. So, where did you celebrate the end of 2009 and the start of another brand new year?

For me, being in places where a lot were happening is certainly not my choice of how I would want to spend such an eventful day. Just like birthdays were to be celebrated with my mother for she is the one who gave me my birthday! As for the New Year, it might mean new beginning, new opportunities, new experiences, and etc. For such a momentous day, it will be most perfect to spend it with someone that matters in my life. Someone that I intend to start a new life with and someone that will share all the new experiences with me throughout the year.

Our first photo of the year! Taken at 12.07am on 01.01.10

So, both of us waited for the clock to strike midnight and sealed the special moment with a loving kiss. Wishing that the year 2010 will bring more joy and laughter into our lives. That's the deal!