Friday, April 4, 2008

Happiness = Less Demanding

A major cause of many people's sadness is their lack of attaining things they
could live without. This is ironic. A person demands things because he wishes to
live a happier life. But with that very demand, he causes himself much
unhappiness. Give up your demand for what you are unable to obtain and you will
live a happier life.

This is so true! People definately concentrate too much on material things and has high demands and expectations in life.

What is happiness and what is satisfaction?
Their definition of happiness and satisfaction are; money, status, huge mansion and powerful cars, and god knows what else people wishes for.

I remember my dad used to tell me that I need to have a certain amount of money or income to feel secure in life. Yes, I agree as seeing how everything is getting more and more unreasonably expensive. But his ideal income is also truly impossible! Maybe within his life's experience, money is 'the' most important thing or not he would not have survived. But my thoughts and aim in life is much more than just $$$.

$$$ cannot buy happiness.

$$$ cannot buy my soul.

$$$ is useless when I die and leave only my footprints on earth.

I asked myself numerous times; if I die tomorrow, what would be my biggest regrets?

It will be not living a happy life, giving love and care to my family and friends, and care for people who are underpriviledge or less fortunate. Thus, I will leave the world feeling sad and empty.

To remind myself again that happiness is not what we have in life for it is what we appreciate that we have in life. I am very lucky indeed to be born to a complete family when some wishes to know who their parents are. I am counting lucky stars to be born without any handicap when some people have to live with just one leg. I am lucky indeed to be born in an environment where I don't have need to beg for food. I am indeed blessed.

So being happy is not such a difficult thing. Its our head that is making everything so difficult. Live life appreciating what we already have and be less demanding. Try giving more to those who needs our help and we will be blessed with happiness...

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