Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Darling's Surprise Birthday treat!

Sometimes it is truly a challenge when it comes to celebrating the birthday of someone important in our life.
What is the best birthday gift that will ensure a memorable celebration?

In the end, I decided that no gift will ever take the place of people in our life. Knowing that only people will be able to create a jolly whimsical evening of FUN for him... I decided to give him a surprise!

Decisions made and now the challenging part is the planning... I only know a little handful of his friends...
How am I going to plan a jolly night with just a handful of contact? 
How about the location of the party? 
What else to prepare for a surprise birthday party?
Oh no... my first time as a Surprise-Birthday-Party Planner with limited resources!

Thank god... with the help of a few good friends, I solved the above issues... managed to get the people...and secured a venue for the party... Now...
How do I bring him there without him knowing it's a surprise birthday for him????

Party details -
Venue: The Hill @ Damansara Heights
Date: a week before his actual born date
Time: 7.30pm (Arrival for his friends)
Theme: Happy Birthday Old Man!

 I think I did ok for a first timer... the party was great! All his friends were there on time and shouted "Happy Birthday Old Man!" as instructed. He was truly surprised and although he kept saying he felt something not right but he didn't managed to guess what was going on til we were there! *smile*

Special thanks to E-Chien who *pakat* with me and arranged all his friends there... but no photos of her with me... Have to wait for our official photographer of the night, Mr. Kenny KK to upload those photos...

Thanks to Barry, Abby, Vincent and Joanne who came to surprise him!

 And Diana, his little sister joined us for the surprise...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling!! 
Another year older but still as charming and attractive to me...
 They fed him with so many drinks that night...

 Sipping Coco's Nutz...

Downing the hardcore Wheat Killer... ughh~

And ended up being dragged out of the place... half alive! 
But... it was certainly an awesome night!

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