Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awful service at TM Net!

These days, the Internet line is giving us trouble again. Not anticipating the reporting procedure especially when it comes to TM Net, I reluctantly dialed #100 to the TM Net hotline. 

*toot toot* Thank you for calling TMNET. For BM, please press #1. For English, please press #2.
*pressed #2* As I was listening to the instructions patiently and pressing whatever number seems relevant for my report, suddenly the line got cut-off. *Damn* WTH...

A little impatient this time, I dialed again and repeat the same procedure as above...

........... the line got cut-off AGAIN!!

Greatly annoyed, this time I was fuming a little from the inefficient phone line, I dialed the number yet again and repeat the same procedure. 

*toot toot*
Operator - "Good Evening. Thank you for calling TMNet. How may I assist you?"
Me - "Hi, I am calling to report the internet line failure at my home. Can you please check what is happening?"
Operator - "I need some verifications before I proceed. May I know your name and contact number please?"

After giving all the needed information for verification, the operator asked me some technical questions.

Operator - "Is your modem... light.... blinking... connect... brand....?"
Me - "Huh? I'm sorry but I don't understand you at all."
Operator - "Oh... Is... your...xxxx... xxxxx.... modem... light.... connect....xxxx....???" 
*He is speaking so slowly this time and expecting me to understand him better because of the slow speech*
Me - "I'm sorry but I am not well-verse in this technical stuffs. Can you just do what you can do over at your side? The connection stopped at approximately 11pm last night and this happened 2 months ago. If you check your system, you will see the report."

Operator - "Ya, I see it here. But I still need to go through the procedure with you in order to know if the problem is your side and give you an immediate solution."

Me - "Sigh... ok... What do you need?"

After giving me a tough time doing all those things that I am unsure off, I finally told him that I don't know how and requested to get someone to do it at their side.

Operator - "I'm sorry, but I cannot do that until you do everything I asked you to."

Slightly agitated now, I tried my best to do what he said to do. But there was still no connection. About 50 minutes later, he finally said "Ok. I will send in the report now. Here is your report number. Please wait for 72 hours for your connection. Thank you for calling TM Net."

The connection was back to normal after 2 hours. But exactly 2 days later, the connection was suddenly unavailable again.

Upset and irritated by the lousy internet connection, again, I repeated the same procedure of dialing and waiting for the operator...

A lady operator this time. After all the necessary verification...

Me - "My connection has failed again. Can you please check what is happening? I called 2 days ago regarding the same issue."

Operator - "Is your modem... light.... blinking... connect... brand....?"
Me - "What? Why do I need to go through the same thing again? Can you please check and see that I just made a report a few days ago? There is nothing wrong at my side here!"

.......* a moment of quietness*.....and then with a bored voice the operator replied, "We need to verify if the problem is at your side and provide a suitable solution........"

This time... I.... AM... TRULY... MADLY... DEEPLY... ANGRY!!

Me - "Did you just hear me? I already said that I made a report just 2 days ago. Why can't you re-check again and tell them that the connection is lost again??"

again.... a few seconds of silence.... and the operator replied with just the same bored voice, "Please check your modem......."

Finally, I understand why people need to buy books like this!

Fed-up of her 'don't-give-a-damn-service-attitude'....

Me - " Can you pass the phone to someone else, please?"
Operator - "Why?"
Me - " I am not going to waste my time talking to you when you are not interested to help me here. Please pass the line to someone who is willing and capable to help me solve this repeated problem. I know this conversation is being recorded and I am aware that I have called the customer service-line, but this is bad service... If you are aware that you are suppose to give me good customer service, if not please pass this call to someone else."

At this moment, the Operator said in a little shaky voice - "I'm sorry miss, I can help you with your problem."
Me - "OK, fine."
Operator - "I will check on my side and refresh the system. Can you now re-check again on the connection?"
Me - "OK, please hold on..... no connection still."
Operator - "OK, I will proceed to send the report now. Please check your connection within 72 hours."

Sigh... I really hate to deal with these people.
Why can't TM Net do something to upgrade their service... including the service of the people at the call centre?!


  1. sy tak rasa silap operator tu,she just following the procedure...
    1st report,lepas tenet awk da setel,technician akan kontek TM balik,dan ckp kt operator yg tenet awk dah report tu da habis tempohla...sbb tu for the 2nd time awk wat report,no report yg dulu dah takde,a.k.a mcm,new problemlah..

  2. Totally agree with you. I got out of TM Slowmyx and subscribed to Maxis Fiber To the Home. Ended up it's TM at the last mile.

    Day-1 of install in May 26th 2012, I got intermittent time-out with a 10MB brand -new fiber. Frequently daily it will get intermittent time-out problems even when using "" or a local site in Malaysia.

    To, Anonymous, yes the operator in TM is following procedures and procedures are made by people/management. Over the years they still have not learned how to manage a "network" or properly handled a customer.

    My Maxis Fiber 10MB (TM Unifi behind it) is down again, June 2nd 2012. Maxis - you have inherited TM-net's problems!!! Get out when you can before customers hate you.

  3. One tip with Steamyx is always insists of asking Tm.slowmyx, to reset your "port". Works for me 7 out of 10 times.

    This happens very ofthen as TM, don't really have a clue what's going on with their network and how to efficiently or effectively manage and operate it.

    They do not understand what is quality of service in "network".