Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally Mr & Mrs

I was counting down the moment we decided to register our marriage on the most romantic day of the year. Valentine's day! Literally, I was waiting for the day to come.

Two months before the big day, I was already prepared...

Pretty dress...checked!

Matching Rings... checked!

Gorgeous heels to match the dress...CHECKED!
Appointment letter from the registration department...checked!

Flowers... ok, there is one problem to buy flowers on Valentine's Day because the price seems to soar three times! But he got me pretty flowers to match my pretty dress!  

However, never did it crossed my mind for one second during all the above that I would feel afraid. We've known each other for almost three years now and our love has blossom beautifully since then. I've known all along that he is the ONE and he told me he's prepared to love me til death do us part...

A few days before Valentine's Day, I panicked! 

I almost wanted to run away on the eve of Valentine's Day...

I have called my best friend and asked her if she will keep me secretly in her house until Valentine's Day is over...

I've asked myself over and over again... Why did I feel this way?

Well, I guess it must have been the stress... almost like those feelings you get before sitting for an important exam or attending a job interview that you really wanted. It is the knowing of how important it is and not knowing how to handle if you fail. I must have been afraid of failure.

Fortunately, the unconscious part of me stopped me from doing anything stupid to spoil the big day. The morning of Valentine's Day, I woke up feeling excited with butterflies in my stomach!

This is it! I am going to be his wife!

We reached Putrajaya very early and were the third couple to go through the registration process. The moment he said 'I do'... everything seems to be alright again and I felt so loved and cared for. This is the right decision!
 It's so simple...

Step 1: He signed the papers...

Step 2: I signed the papers...
Step 3: Papa signed the papers...

Step 4: Mama signed the papers...

Step 5: We are officially off the market!
My new title is Mrs.Chua! *love*

He hold me so tight and said "I am never going to let you go..."

I know now... this is the start of a new chapter in our relationship... and we promised never to let go... no matter what happens... the bond will only grow tighter with love.

"Mr & Mrs Chua"
We were pronounced as Husband & Wife on Valentine's Day! 
(14th February 2012)

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  1. how cute :) congratulations :)