Saturday, September 29, 2012

Inspiration from the sky - La vie est Belle

Being high up above the clouds, above the world and everything else, the world seems to be an endless place to be. Living in our own bubble everyday has clouded over vision of life. Our path is blinded by all the glittering lights and dust...

Right now, I am calm, serene and contented. Thinking only the most beautiful memories of all the people I love. Those who are still around, those who have already left to a better place... and those who will be leaving...

As we travelled through the sky, heavy mist and clouds may have blocked our way from time to time and causes tremor to all the passengers. However, the heavy mist quickly passes us by and greeting us is the clear blue sky again. No doubt the mist may appear again and again but we now know that awaiting us after each tremor is sunshine and beautiful clear blue sky.

It is really the most magical experience above the sky, and I wonder how many of us care enough to appreciate the magical nature surrounding us. It makes me realized that the world is actually very simple. Every element connecting to one another creating a chain reaction to every possible event in life. Every situation, good or bad is not the question but the fruit of our own action may be influenced by our behavior, thoughts and believes.

Life is never meant to be complicated. Keep every thoughts and believes simple which will then change our behavior to make our world a much more beautiful place to be.

La vie est Belle - simply means life is beautiful, is such a beautiful concept to match a lovely perfume by Lancome. A perfume with the most delicious and tasty iris creating a unique olfactory.

The sky has once again inspired me.

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