Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 is the year of love

Before all the fireworks and celebration of the New Year 2013, I need some time to sit alone and think of the past one year of 2012.

Not a spectacular year nor a marvelous one either. I have to say if I don't think too much about it, it could be just another year gone by! Wait... but this is the year where my status was just upgraded... to Mrs. Chua!

Just because of this reason alone, the year is marked the most memorable and wonderful of my life! Starting a new life with someone I love and adore is truly remarkable and sometimes makes me feel like I've grown up to another level in my already adult life. Being someone's wife is different because of the responsibility that comes with it.

The whole year just whisked by in a hurry and seems to me taking the full year to plan for my wedding is definitely the right decision. Well, looking back now, it kinda feel strange that the whole wedding is over in a day when I took a year to plan it!

Our wedding pic!

One of our favourite among the favourites!

I think that life is actually empty without love. Love is not restricted to only love relationship but also relationship with family and friends. I have to thank god for all the people in my life! Those who stayed and those who just came into my life.

No doubt, people come and go. Many people come into your life and leave footprints behind. Even these footprints teach us something valuable in life! Especially those who came in and step all over with muddy feet and then say good bye. These people taught us to look carefully at each step we take so we don't take our dirty feet into other people's life! *smile* 

Well, since you don't like what was done to you, how can you expect others to like it?

In life, we have to be happy and remain happy. It's not as easy as typing these words but with a lot of practices and daily reminder, nothing in this world is impossible. So, with this, I conclude that year 2012 is a marvelous year full of love and I vow to let these love bombard next year too!

I hope love will conquer the world so there will be less suffering and more happiness!

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