Friday, May 2, 2008

Sad Truth of LOVE

These are the sad facts of LOVE;

1. Falling in love with your bestfriend..

2. Falling in love with someone in love with your bestfriend..

3. Loving someone too much it hurts..

4. Choosing to let go of someone you love so much because it's the only right thing to do..

5. It takes time to have the one you LOVE, but just a second to lose it forever, LOVE is bliss until it's gone..

6. Belonging to someone else when the right one comes along..

7. Falling in love with someone who belongs to someone else..

8. Choosing between friendship and a relationship..

9. Pretending to be NOT IN LOVE with someone when you're actually dying to tell him/her that you are..

10. Admitting to be in love with a friend despite his/her imperfections..

11. Realizing that the more you to try to forget, the more you try to fight the feeling, you just find yourself falling in love more..

12. Letting go of someone, and then realizing you will never find another one like him/her until he/she's gone..

13. After so many years of being together, you find out one day you,re not in love anymore..

14. Trying to hide your feelings from someone only to find out later that he/she loves you back and then you realize your chance has already passed..

15. The HARDEST thing about falling in love is believing it exists after love has failed you time and time again..

**Most of the above somehow happened all the time to everyone... but sadly after all the above experiences, we're all still so confused about LOVE.**

The confusion of love is universal and almost always we follow our heart rather than our rational head. Those 'lucky' ones might make it to eternal happiness, with lots of compromising and trust of course. But there are also those who do not make it and get their hearts broken over and over again. Still, we go back the same path if given the opportunity. Everytime.

What is the meaning of love? If love is not eternal? If love is just an illussion? Something that people do just because it's a common practice. Just because it's shown on TV, sang in music lyrics, most highlighted in magazines & gossip columns, on billboards, in self-help conclusion, EVERYWHERE!

It all seem meaningless to me. Yes, I have found love. I have been in love. To one person. The one and only. But, I have also experience hurt, disappointment, downhearted, betrayal, resentment & anger. Of course, the good times brings happiness, joy, comfort & wonderful memories. That is the package that comes with "LOVE". Accept "LOVE" and embrace all that comes with it. I did and thought I would for the rest of my life with my one and only love.

My good friend once told me, "Love is FOREVER. Only partners change"
Once upon a time, my perception of love is being with that one person & only loving THAT one person forever, for the good times and the bad as well. I have never believed in having several relationships and only decide in the end who is the best to love. LOVE IS FOREVER, with that one and only partner.

So what changed now, I asked myself several times.

What changed is my confidence in "LOVE"....

The word 'Love' is such an artificial word. People uses it so freely til it loses its true value. I truly hope that one day I will find that confident that were once so strong in me.

Although, I have lost all faith in the word, deep in my heart I'm a sucker for fairy tale ending.

I still want to live happily ever after with my Prince Charming, whoever he is.

I still want to experience the sweet loving moments with my Prince Charming.

I still want to be loved. Truly Madly Deeply.

Sigh. This is what I meant by the confusion of love!

'The longing of being pampered and loved by that 'special' someone'

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  1. The 15 line for the sad things is my problem. I do not think I can believe in love anymore. Every time I open my heart to the concept of love it gets stabbed, broken, shattered, crushed and poisoned. So I cannot trust something that always leaves me less than half the person I used to be.