Sunday, May 18, 2008

Charity Musical Fiesta!

My lil' ultraman

I am so relieved and happy now!! 

Definitely am in extremely good mood now that although I'm truly tired but I can't sleep! 

The charity event that I've been planning,  and for the first time too... was a total success! 

Of course I will not to take all the credit because if it wasn't for those lovely people who've helped me, it would never have happened! Thank you thank you~ Those who have sincerely and kindly helped me search high and low for the musical band...thank u thank u~~ Especially to Reva! Thanks for helping with the funds collection! We have managed to collect more than enough funds to pay for their lunch as well as to help with their funds collection to extend their home. The capacity of the place is getting crowded as they are taking in more children.

The event went very well with friends arriving as early as 9am and already warming up the children before the event starts. Although there were a few hiccups before the day but I am just so happy that everything is so cool today! All the headaches and troubles are so worth it when you see how happy and cheerful the home was today.

The band that came was my ex-colleague's bf Adam and gang! They totally rocked the whole place The kids were dancing and playing and singing together with them after warming up with a few songs selected by them. It was awesome!

After playing & singing & dancing, it was time for lunch and the caterer served their delicious food. They had rice with fried chicken & fish plus curry & stir-fried vegetables. A very sumptuous feast indeed!

This experience has truly been an encouraging experience for me to plan more charities & fund raising events in the future. Next round I was hoping to do something for poorer homes in the 'kampung' areas, most probably in Klang or somewhere. Not that I will abandon this home, afterall my lil' ultraman will miss me if I don't visit him and sing him "twinkle twinkle little star". He's so adorable *smile*

Many thank to everyone who has given their contributions; in many different ways!
To Reva who have helped me with the organizing part. You are such a sweetheart.
To the great band who have given us lovely music and made everyone sing & dance.
The two kind photographers who volunteered to give us beautiful photos of the event.
The caterer who gave us delicious food... but of course we paid them :P
Those kind souls who donated food, items, and cash.
Friends and families who came and graced the event with their joy and laughter!
I would say, without every single one of you... this event will not be this successful! 

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