Sunday, November 7, 2010

Are we thinking too much?

Sometimes I do think that life is much happier when we think less. Are we thinking too much?

Take this as an example; Friends made a remark on your dress “Hey! Short skirt…looks ok..”

If this friend is a good friend then this remark would be taken lightly. However, if this friend is someone you have a bad history with; the remark would be translated as “Cute skirt… on elephant legs!”…

Or maybe… just maybe… her comment is “Hey! Short skirt… looks ok..”. Really, that’s it!

Most of the time, we tend to group people up in categories or as a certain stereotypes. And then a lot of times, we interpret conversations based on their categories.  

Why would our brains work this way? I’ve seen people who are blind to what’s going on around them. Well, are they really blind or they just simply don’t think about it? Maybe they just don’t want to know what’s going on and move on with their own life. 

You see, most people care less about what you do because they spend most of it caring about themselves and what others think of them. In other words, they are busy just minding their own business.

I want to learn from the innocently blinded people who seem to flow through the day not caring about what’s going on in the background. They just moved on and be happy. Life will certainly be happier!

Well, because you've read this... now is time to move on and enjoy a wonderful Sunday spent with loved ones... Cheers!

Time for me to play with my doggy!

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