Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 is almost coming to an end

The year is almost over. Again, it’s time we sit comfortably in our own thinking space and reflect the year’s events. What were achieved? What were placed aside until more time but never found the right time?
My resolutions for the year 2010 were pretty easy to remember, although not as easy to accomplish. It was to:

1. To be happy and stay happy
2. To spread happiness
3. To love and be loved

Reflecting back to the emotional roller-coaster of the year, my conclusion is being happy is easy, staying happy isn't. We are all born to experience the pure delight and pleasurable feeling of happiness. As a kid, it’s easy to feel happy. However, as we proceed to adulthood, more and more discontentment in life causes an imbalance inner feeling to occur. Nothing is ever enough. Nobody is ever good enough.

So, this year I’ve learn to be contented with life. 

To accept who I am, the true me. 

To be grateful for every waking moment feeling the warmth of the sun shine, for the time spent with loved one…

To have family & friends who stay true to me and always there to support my back.

To be loved truly, madly and deeply by Bubbles.

However, to stay happy is the actual challenge. There is still one particular area in my life that is still bothering me which causes so much emotional rollercoaster that I am almost numbed at heart. This one particular area has been so draining that it stole the sunshine and cheerfulness in me, leaving me a different person… empty and hollow.

Having just finished the book EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert, it has given me inspirations for my next year’s resolutions. It is a great book about a woman’s desire to search for life. To search for a deeper meaning in her life. To live her life. To truly be herself and her needs. Her adventures truly moved my heart in ways that I am unable to interpret with words.

So, the only one thing for me to do now til we say goodbye to 2010 is to seriously consider my own desire. 

 One of the highlights of 2010 will be a special trip to my childhood dream...

 and to meet my childhood best friends!
Thanks to Bubbles for making it happened...

Another highlight of the year would be our gals quick getaway trip to Krabi. It is just so impossible to get everyone together on a trip that this opportunity doesn't come very often. It is definitely a blessing!

 And not forgetting the amazing adventure with Bubbles in Chicago!

Chicago is where I can freely express who I am... bare-naked me... and I am talking about spiritually, not physically!

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