Friday, July 1, 2011

Representing Lancome in Seoul

I was chosen to represent the brand at the WCD - World Congress of Dermatology 2011 at Seoul, Korea!

The moment I heard the news, I was absolutely ecstatic that I was chosen to represent the brand.
 This is the Lancome booth at the WCD hall..

 Trying to impress the dermatologists and doctors from all over the world...

 Me talking science and technology...

 Representing the brand in perfect grooming...

 the lovely Veronique Delvigne

The four of us at the front booth...

 The Scientific team of Lancome International consisted of wonderful and great people! It was really an honour to work with them during the one week congress.

Lovely people!

 Aurelie and Peggy from the Scientific team

 The wonderful Veronique Delvigne, Scientific Director of Lancome International Scientific department in Paris..
I love her!

It was truly an amazing experience to be there at the World Congress where dermatologists and doctors from all over the world attended to learn the latest science and technology of the beauty industry.

Although I did not manage to see much of Korea, but I did discovered some amazingly tasty and yummy local delicacies! 

 Everyday, I discovered new yummy Korean food...

 My favourite Sam Gye Tang!

 and Kimchi!!
Somehow the original kimchi from Korea tasted different from the ones I eat in Malaysia...
It is more sweet and slight spicy... and the ones from Malaysia are SUPER spicy to the point of numbness!

 even the street food were amazing...
yummy yummy!

 The best meal were of course the BBQ pork... the taste of the meat is so sweet and tender that even without any flavoring, the meat is super delicious!
Bonnie, my Korean colleague took us to her favourite restaurant for the best BBQ pork!

We truly enjoyed the amazing dinner at that restaurant...

 But of course, it was the time spent with Bonnie and her cheeky son that makes it most interesting and happy...

And it will never be the same without him...
the care, love and support! 
The next time I will be in Seoul... I will definitely be a full time tourist!

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