Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life as a traveler

Life seems almost perfect from the point of view of outsiders. Life has been almost serene and full of hopes, yet again from the point of view of outsiders. How about the person living this life?

Traveling from chapter to chapter in this life, many events and people has been revealed. All these while, it was fate that has been working it's magic. Fate. Might be it or might not be it.

How am I to know when the clouds surrounding me is getting thicker and thicker to the point of blurring my vision?

There are times when I feel I am not in the right place. But I can't seem to find the pieces to the puzzle. Right now, I am feeling very troubled, by the thought that I am not heading in the right direction. That I am losing my path and that I am losing my way to the right destination.

Where is my right destination? What is my purpose in life?

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