Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life Changing 2015

A year passed since my last blog post and so many life changing events happened in the last few months of my life. 

For starters, I am no longer with L'Oreal and now living my life as an ordinary housewife that only cooks, wash and shop for my home. But wait, not only a housewife but a pregnant one and with a pair of twin girls busy growing in my belly!

The result of my pregnancy test on 05.11.2014 was a POSITIVE! 

It has always been my dream to have a pair of twins because my thought was to get over the pregnancy with my husband's wish to have two kids and get on with life. However, being pregnant has truly and deeply changed my thoughts and feel on motherhood. 

Discovering we were having TWINS during our first ultrasound scan with 
Dr Chuah Bee Poh of Tung Shin Hospital on the 5th December 2014! 
Miracles do happen! 

Motherhood, even before the babies are here, are such a sacred responsibility and I could hardly describe the feeling of these two babies kicking and dancing in my belly. From the moment that we found out we were pregnant, I started to have that mother's initial instinct to protect my tiny baby in my belly and to provide the best I could for the growing and development of this tiny human being inside of me. 

Having experienced the 1st & 2nd Trimester and now into the last stage of 3rd Trimester, I have to say that pregnancy is definitely not a piece of cake (maybe because I am having two babies). The only time that I was actually enjoying the pregnancy was in the 2nd Trimester where my belly was not too heavy and the horrible 1st Trimester symptoms have all gone away. Now in the 3rd Trimester, I am feeling so heavy and big that all I wanna do is sleep and not move at all. Even sleeping is a tough chore at this stage!

My changing belly from January'15 to April'15

Looking at my changing belly over the pass five months had me realized that my babies are growing fast and they will be here soon! 

At week 32 - Maternity Photography by Lawrence Studio

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