Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another day at work

Today is one of those days where I have missed my lunch hour again! Sigh.
Early in the morning already encountered problems with my computer's software and it took me the whole morning solving the unseen problems. Not like I'm IT genius, but the IT guy is of no help at all.

Then come lunch hour, oops! Sorry, no lunch! My lunch was spent doing tele-conferencing. The worst part of the conference was me being not-IT-genius, was actually 15 minutes late. Not because I was late 'late' but because I didn't know how to work that spaceship looking thingy that was supposed to connect me to the world! 

I know I did it before, maybe few days or weeks ago. Somehow, I didn't managed to work that spaceship thingy this time, and there is always a digit or a button somewhere that I didn't clicked or pushed. Whatever. Anyway, my point is, the whole region was waiting for me for, yeah...FIFTEEN minutes! *sweat*

After the brain-storming tele-conferencing, I finally get to go out to buy myself a sandwich for lunch. Probably because I was too hungry, or might be because I was trying too hard to understand the different slang of the language we all know is English, I was almost run-over by a taxi while crossing the busy highway to get to the shop.
After my 'lunch', my brother sent me a copy of the tv ad I shot a few years back! He started to work as an intern at an Advertising firm and 'accidently' found my TVC copy! Thank god for your accident, bro!
And suddenly "It's all coming back to me now". Observing my horribly looking puffy face on screen and speaking horribly weird cantonese!


I have 'almost' erased that image out of my mind but then again, almost is never enough. Sometimes, my family just wouldn't let me get away with my horrible cantonese. They would never fail to remind me of that ALL the time!
This is my 'acting' family and where my horrible cantonese was heard nationally.

This is slightly better. 
A skincare TVC where I was the main character *I'm the one in RED* 
I had to wake up 5am for the shoot and only managed to wrap-up at 3am. The best part would be I was expected to look my best during the final run. Haha! My eye bags just can't help but revealed themselves to the nation....

Anyway, remembering those times when I was still available to go here and there for castings and auditions and not caring about a 9-5 job was certainly FUN. But it is not FUN all the time. For a TVC shoot, I need to wake up before sunrise and only managed to crawl to bed almost sunrise. I wonder how the professionals stay beautiful and gorgeous all the time!
Well, it is all good experience I can say and at least when I'm old and wrinkled I can show my 'cucu-cicit' something that their old wrinkled nenek was once young and firm!

Now, I can rest and sleep well thinking about that*wink*wink*
During my modelling days....

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