Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Secret to a long-lasting Relationship

Do you ever wonder how some people can make a relationship last in spite of the high divorce rate and failing marriages and relationships? Here are the secrets to have a relationship that will endure a lifetime;

1. MUTUAL VALUES. You may think you are crazy about someone because of the way they look, act, and talk, but if you discover that they do not honor your deepest values, that attraction will disappear.
2. ATTRACTION. Once you know that you share similar values with someone, chemistry is important. If it isn't there, you can't manufacture it. But attraction alone is not enough to sustain a relationship.
3. MUTUAL ADMIRATION. In order to get love right, you need to choose someone you admire and respect. Relationships that last are found to exist between 2 people who have high regards for each other. Each one thinks the other is outstanding.
4. PURPOSE. Relationship of strength are between 2 people who feel an enormous purpose to their lives. They support each other in their purpose and help each other achieve their goals.
5. TRUST. 2 people who trust each other feel emotionally safe with sharing secrets. They know that the other one will never use the information against them.
6. SELF-WORTH. You cannot separate out healthy self-esteem from a good strong relationship. Both people feel they matter, are important in the world, and have much to contribute. Both people also know how to exercise their talents, know how to take care of themselves, and continuosly make their families feel proud of them.

Well, at the end of a fairy tale is always a happy ending because it is man-made stories. In real life, nothing is that simple and easy. It always take both hands to clap. If in a relationship, only one party is contributing to the above values then the fairy tale ending that we all hope for will never happen.
Our life is conquered by materialistic people and the truth is, people now are too busy chasing their materialistic dreams to care about values in life. So for those ladies out there who already found their Prince Charming and those gentlemen who already found their Cinderella, hold on to them and cherish them for there are still people out there struggling to find theirs.

I hope they do live happily ever-after. They will never mention divorce in fairy-tales right?
Joselyn -de distressed princess-

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