Friday, July 4, 2008

The mysteries of LOVE; The power of HOPE

LOVE is the only thing, that make us different of all evil, and of that inert nature, which does not think and does not feel.

It is very certain that love, sometimes, changes from red flower and becomes the blood of an open wound.It is also true, that sometimes, it blinds and dazzles us, as when looking at the sun, but love, however much cruel, it may seem to you, it always teaches you to give everything.And if there is something that can be rescued from the suffering, is that love, made you fly and know the heaven of gods.
Why are mortals to blame for loving with the feeling that make us to lose reason?
But love does not die, love lives in you, suffers in you, cries for you, but remember this, love will revive and the day will come where you will find that love never, never, deceived you.Rather, were some persons that didn't know, didn't appreciate the true meaning and the reason of the verb to Love.

Does that mean there is still hope to love....?


....the power of hope.....

In the enchanted forest the trees withered and the lakes and rivers dried. The birds stop singing and flew away from the sky. The flowers withered also, the sun got darker and not even the moon showed her pale shine. The wind froze. Everything seems...dead...The days passed and the earth was dry because the enchanted forest became full of demons and their howls and shrieks were heard.

That enchanted forest was sad and desolated. Everything is destroyed. The beauty of the once enchanted forest gone.More time passed but one day a very small light appeared in that enchanted forest, that light would grow more and more every day. The light became large and full of colors and the fields became full of flowers.

The terrified demons went away.
The lakes and rivers were full again with abundant fish. The sky became full of colors, the moon was shining. The valleys became green with plenty of delicious fruits. The forest became splendorous.How could that small light changed everything?
It transformed everything. It all came back to life.

They could not deadly wound Love.
Because the light of Hope will live forever in that enchanted forest.

**Will the light of hope, someday, shine in me too?**

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