Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift

Advice from Master Oogway; Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, & today is a gift.

Kungfu Panda is not only entertaining and funny but added a touch of humane advices as well that reminds me again of what I always tend to forget. When Master Oogway appointed the cubby, clumsy but adorable Panda as the Dragon Warrior, Master Shifu struggles to accept Oogway’s insistence that there are no accidents in the universe and that we are not truly in control of our circumstances. Well, everything happens for a reason. That reason alone will bear the fruit from the seed we have planted.

There’s also another lesson learnt from the movie, “There is no secret ingredient that makes a great warrior, the power comes from the simple faith in you. If you believe you are a great warrior, then you are a great warrior”. That simple word alone “Believe” will make everything happen. When you believe you can, then you will gain that confident in you that give you all the power and encouragement to go all for it. Such simple theory and yet everyday so many people is struggling in life because they don’t have that believe in their heart.

I have always been a quiet little girl who is so afraid to talk to people and always keep myself a distance from others. Since young I was taught to obey rules and never do otherwise. That’s a sad story that I don’t want to repeat again. Anyhow, since joining pageants and winning titles, my life has changed. I have learnt to love myself more and accept myself for who I am. I have also gained that so needed “Believe in myself” theory from all the workshops and seminars that I have attended in the past. It was a struggle at first, but looking back, seeing myself change from that little cowardly girl to who I am now is truly a miracle. I have learnt so much, changed so much, experienced so much; and all that have made me who I am today. Although I am no one great, nor am I someone special but I have to say that I am so proud of what I have achieved so far.

So why am I not happy everyday? Seeing how my parents are getting older and weaker in health is disturbing, the stress and high expectations at work is exhausting, having gone through a failed relationship (my first one too) is so disappointing and heartbreaking, and liking someone but don’t dare to admit because afraid of another failure is even more exhausting! Well, life is always a challenge. A test maybe? To test whether I’ve learnt my lesson and do better next time, or to test if I have the wisdom to deal with a difficult situation? Maybe, it’s just the way of life to make the journey more colourful and interesting and not regretting it at the end of the journey.

I was at the hospital the whole day today because my dad was admitted to the hospital because of his heart problem. Looking at all the patients suffering with tubes and needles and trying their very best to stay alive is really depressing. The only thing the doctor is able to tell us are “We‘ll try another type of medication to control his situation” and “We don’t know yet, but we will monitor him”……

Health is truly priceless. Health & happiness goes hand-in-hand and both have something in common. No money in the world is able to buy them. But sadly, it is also something people don’t appreciate until they have lost them. I only hope that at the end of my journey, I won’t spend it in the hospital struggling to stay alive. I want to spend the last days of my journey with families & friends and of course with lots of laughter and pure happiness. This is also something that we cannot purchase off the shelves

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