Monday, November 10, 2008

My Beautiful Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday!

No worries, no work, no work, no work, no work.....and no work!
Haha! Yes yes! It's a non-working Sunday and I brought my grandma for a foot massage to make up for all the delicious vegetarian dishes that she has been preparing for me & bro. She is such a sweet angel to us, although sometimes this sweet angel of mine can be the Nagging Queen of the Century^_^

The only thing that spoiled my beautiful Sunday was the pain on my left ankle. I hope it will go away soon, but that hope was already 5 weeks old and still the pain did not go away. The funny thing is I don't remember spraining or hurting my ankle at all. I just thought it was a minor hurt and it will go away in a few days, not until I started to dance again that I realized it was actually getting worst. Just hope that the ancient chinese medicine practitioner will be able to do his magic on my ankle tomorrow!

Getting back to my beautiful title, which is Beautiful Sunday! I wonder how most people usually spend their beautiful Sunday? I used to spend Sunday working at home and after months of overworked and exhaustion, spent my Sundays nursing Saturday night fever! I am proud to say that today I truly did spend my Sunday rest & relaxing the right way. My beautiful Sunday started off with.......

1. My eight hours of beauty sleep
2. Healthy breakfast of fruits and veges
3. Catching up with my readings, especially the news!
4. Spent some quality time with grandma
5. Much needed and expired Pedicure treatments for my poor little toes
6. Had a drink and a decent conversation with my ex-boyfriend
- We are friends now and for the first time over the past 6 months, we talked like adults!
7. More catching up with my books!

The only thing that is lacking in my agenda is EXERCISE! It's kinda frustrating that I cannot use the treadmill for my jogs anymore as my ankles hurt each time I try to jog. I love running for at least 20 minutes before moving on to other exercises in the gym, which consists of 2 sets of 15 reps on stomach crunches, some yoga poses and full body stretching. Now, I'll probably have to wait for my ankle to heal first!

In the meantime, I will try to continue my Beautiful Sunday rituals and hopefully add more meaningful activities into my Sundays; activities like charity work, yoga, walks, swimming, cooking or baking classes, cathing up with friends & family...etc

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