Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Daddy, I love you

The night that you died was the worst night of my life

I've never before felt so much strife
It's exactly a month now counting from that night

I was so confused I didn't know what to do

Because from that point on I had to live without you

I loved you so much even though sometimes we would fight

I loved you so much that it all hit me that night

It happened that night, my worst nightmare came true

For that night was the last night with you

I try not to cry, I try to be strong

But each day is so hard since you've been gone

I think of the memories and the things from the past

Because those are now the only things that are left to last

Every time I go out, when I have things to do

I always find something that reminds me of you

Whether I go out to eat or have things to do

Especially when I past those places where you used to go

I'm always reminded of you

There are so many things that I have yet to do

Things that I wanted to share with you

Like getting married and you giving me away

Or having my children and you watching them grow each day

I miss you so much I don't know what to do

I wish you could come back

If only for a few

There were so many things I feel were left unsaid

Now I love you daddy just lingers in my head

I don't know if you know just how much I loved you

But I loved you more than anything

And I just wish you knew it was true

Its hard for me daddy without you here

Now I find myself daily surrounded by tears

When I go to the cemetery where they laid you to rest

And I just can't believe that there is where you nest

It all happened so quickly

It seemed like a dream

It doesn't feel right

It just feels like a scheme

I know that its real and I'll never forget you

But I just don't know without you what to do

We all loved you; Bro, Sis, Mom, & I

But we all know that this isn't good-bye

Dad, You'll truly be missed by everyone

Whether it be by your family or the friends that you had

You were my guardian angel and I miss you so

But I guess it was time for me to let you go

No, I won't forget

Not even for a day

But I must wake up and realize things will be okay

I know you're still watching

I know you still care

Even though you are not physically here
I'll see you again someday

But until I do, I just want you to know one last things

Daddy, I love and truly miss you

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