Monday, November 17, 2008

My heart weeps for all troubled soul

All of us seek something better in life
That something that
will give us satisfaction;
which leads to happiness in life
Then why is
it then we see sadness and strife?
Obsessions, jealousy, ignorance in all
walks of life

Do you ignore them and walk right on by?
or does
your heart weep as you look them in the eye
What Karma has brought them you
really don't knowa life torn asunder or addiction did grow
Life, certainly ain't easy
My Buddha Heart weeps for all troubled souls
by Joselyn Lee

Just when I thought I may move on in life and put my past (the good ones) as just a memoir of my journey in life, more dramas unfolds itself upon me to disrupt the positiveness of my current mindset. I have accepted the fact, forgiven the soul and protected in respect. But all these, must come in limitation as there is always a limit to how much truth we may be accepted.

The numbness of the discovery is still harassing my inner soul.

How much more 'discovery' and when is it ever going to end?

I sometimes do wonder why all living souls bring upon so much sufferings and pain to themselves; and to the people surrounding them? All such actions just to endure the evil seduction of obsessions and physical satisfaction; which are nothing but impermanent and artificial.

I don't think I can ever look at another human without wondering how much deep-dark-secrets lies in the closet of these individuals, or buried somewhere waiting to be revealed someday; somehow.

Is it so difficult to wish for a simple life? To just want pure love & happiness and share it with someone who appreciates little things in life as well? Are human meant to be born on earth to suffer and rejoice by evil actions & thoughts, as well as blinded by obsessions & jealousies?

All these discoveries has left me feeling very vulnerable and afraid. Afraid of all the unspoken thoughts of all walks of life. Afraid of how human brains has been polluted since the day of birth. Afraid of all the masks that people put on the moment they wake up from sleep everyday. Afraid of all the pretending, acting & lies to appear noble and highly-principled to the world, worthy of everyone's trust and respect.

What has the world become? What will our children; leaders of the future, be?

Education alone is not strong enough to fight the demons from polluting our children's mind. The world needs more compassion to make the future a brighter and better place; for our children and the generations to come.

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