Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Today is one of those happiest moments shared with people I cared and loved in my life. Every cell in my body is asleep and yet some part of me still wants to stay awake to blog this special day to keep the memory forever.

I know I’ve mentioned this a zillion times, yet it is still amazing that I am blessed with such beautiful friendships in my life. I could never ask for anything more. It all started almost seven years ago in a small skincare centre in Metrojaya Midvalley where we met and started our friendship in a rocky manner.

Gabrielle Tham:
The girl who were born just two days after me! Who shared the same uniqueness in character and a girl who is always a loving & caring friend to have around. She is FUN, hardworking, humble, a great companion for a cuppa coffee anytime! And a supporter to us all in any sort of situation! Without her, life will be like stall water!
Geraldine Yap:
Gentle yet strong minded, feminine yet sometimes she portray a certain toughness that surprise us all, Sometimes she could act like the lovely mummy to everyone, loves food, loves to eat, loves pork…….I used to control her eating habit to force her to lose the extra weight! That was when I wanted to introduce her to my handsome uncle, although their friendship didn’t move up another level but her weight did move down a few! But, she will always be the true supporter and sincerely make the effort to lend a helping hand. She was always the first one to tell me not to go back to my ex-boyfriend and threatens to call me a LOSER for life, if I go back to him. Haha! She is a true gem indeed..
Ming Yen Ong:
Cool exterior, warm at heart. HAHA! That about sums all! She’s the best character and of course a great friend to have around. Although she always looks and acts as if she is so steady and cool, deep down this woman is truly….a WOMAN!! She needs TLC all the time! Only true friends would know that :P She is certainly a independent woman, very opinionated, extremely reliable, and not to mention, a woman with a strong backbone.... yum! very desirable indeed! But as a friend; she is caring and understanding and I love her for that. Somehow, we always get the comment that our features are very similar... Maybe we were long lost sisters!
Bibi Choo:
Although we were never been a close friend but knowing Bibi Choo, she is never a harmful character and she will always be the Bibi Choo that we’ve known since Estee days. Nowadays, having a little princess certainly made her even more feminine than ever!
Charise Ho:
My dear meow……
This woman, she is like a gift from an angel. We were not colleagues in Estee Lauder. We met when I somehow got her an interview in Luxasia. We lunched a few times. Chat a bit here and there. Then somehow, she became the most special person in my life. There were so much that she is able to see for me that I am unable to see for myself. This woman is just so unbelievable. Although at times I understand that she needs time with her hubby and family; I try not to burden her too much with my troubles. But I know, if I need her… she will definitely be there for me. She was there
for me……at one of my lowest point in my life. She is certainly an angel in
my heart and I love her very much indeed!

There you go, the girls; plus their man!
Gabrielle with VJ
Geraldine with Jimmy
Ming Yen with her current beau; Mr. Aaron Wong Lap from the States
Charise with Mike
Bibi with Shaun

All gathered at my place tonight to celebrate Christmas; potluck style.
Plus a few more other great friends who made the celebration even more joyful!
Tasha, Calyn, Edmond, Joanne, BJ, Nic

**smile**My life is truly blessed with wonderful people.....

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