Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections of 2008

Only one more day and the year 2008 will be another year added to the history basket. Reflecting on what has gone through the year, I have to say year 2008 is a year where I have changed the most; my thoughts, my beliefs, my perspectives, my life……
When you change your thinking; you change your beliefs
When you change your beliefs; you change your expectations
When you change your expectations; you change your attitude
When you change your attitude; you change your behavior
When you change your behavior; you change your performance
When you change your performance; you change your life!

Beginning of the year was the start of a promising career with a leading skincare brand; it was also the end of a distressed long-term relationship.

“Change is the most common phenomena in the Universe”

This is also the year where I was crowned “workaholic” and sacrifices most of my time for work. Starting a new job is already not an easy task, but a new job in a dynamic corporation is even more stressful. I had to catch-up high expectations of work and skills starting from scratch with just minimal guidance. My determination was what motivated me to not give-up until I succeed. I am proud to say that I am a better Trainer today than I was a year ago.

Although I sacrifices a lot of family time, leisure and personal interest, but I would not be who I am today without committing myself to improvements and taking the initial steps to plan my development. No doubt it was a painful process, but sacrifice is a part of life. It is not something to regret; it is something to aspire. It is not about lost but something to gain from the sacrifices.

This is also a year where I learn what is;

In the world where all is blinded by the chase of material stuffs to luxury properties, lost were the sense of appreciation of what they have or owned.

Appreciation and gratitude to the people we love and care is most important. I have to go through an extremely heartbroken period where I lost my father to truly understand the meaning of appreciation and not to take anyone for granted. I certainly do not want to go through another chapter in my life ever again feeling regrettable and remorse for not being a filial daughter, a loving person to all I love and cared.

Friendships are also greatly treasured in my life. I love meeting new people and by nature I am an easy-going person who gets along pretty well with most people. But it is those few selected friends that made my life so wonderful and happy; friends that were always there when I needed them to share my tears and laughter. The saying “friends come and go” doesn’t apply to this friends of mine. They will always be in my heart. Forever. This year, my friendships were bonded and made even more special by just a simply touch of appreciation.
“Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know”

Well, I see myself as a much better and cheerful person; personality wise. I have learnt to appreciate people in my life, to have more compassion to the less fortunate, to see the world from a much more simplicity aspects rather than to complicate matters and make life more difficult and unhappy. I have also been practicing the art of meditation and the benefits from it are so great that I absolutely encourage the practice to gain spiritual awareness and self-realization. I am definitely a calmer person now comparing to last year.

Learning from the past is certainly an essential step to self-improvements; but dwelling over the past will definitely not benefit anyone. So, enough of reflections as I am going to start thinking of my new year’s resolution and find a passion within myself to move on in life.

What is my passion?
Now, that is a question worth pondering.

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