Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party Weekend

Ageing is not just numbers (as in AGE) but how much your body is able to tolerate too much late nights and lesser and much lesser sleep.

Last night was such a FUN night for my girls and me. I've managed to organize a night out with my dearest girls to celebrate the birthday of Ming Yen and Geraldine. Although there were some hiccups initially but it was certainly a memorable night to last until the next gathering. I am truly blessed to have such beautiful friendships with these four angels; who have been there to hold my hands through bad times and were there to share the joy of the good. I am thankful for such a blessing gift that I couldn't ask for anything more; not even a Christmas gift personally delivered by Santa Clause himself on the eve of Christmas! My silly childhood fantasy! Haha!

But this is not the subject that I have in mind......


Sigh. My mind is so cloudy when it comes to this subject. This shows just how clueless and useless I am when it comes to men.

Sometimes I truly understand why some men commented on my ill-mannerism as I tend to ignore them when they come-on to me too strongly. In situations; where I am not interested to further the relationship into something more than just an innocent friendship. Take for example a guy who was very frank of what he wanted from me. An offer of a one night with no attachment fling; which I will never lower my little self-esteem to accept that offer. That is when I am categorized in the ill-mannerism groupie. He just kept on harassing me in the hope that I will give-in someday and then self-invite to join me and my girls last night at our party. Allow me to let out a huge SIGH again!

There are also in some cases where I am interested in the guy, but am as clueless yet again as how to express my interest in him.

Do I tell him directly? Do I make a brave move; kiss or look at him with a sexy smile? Haha! I will certainly look like a whore with no business and trying her very best not to go home alone! Pathetic! But in the end...I did nothing!

Will softer approach work better? But come to think of it, I don't really know what approach is the best because I am totally clueless. I am really curious what is going on in the mind of MEN.

What I understand from my friends is that the harder the girl tried, the colder the guy acts towards her. On the other hand, the more the guys are being rejected; the harder they work to get the girls' attention. I am utterly confused. Are they playing some kinda game here?

People see me as a “Party Girl”, meaning a girl who enjoys showing off and having FUN every weekend at clubs just so she could grab any guy she wanted; most probably a different one every weekend.

If that is the image that I am portraying by going dancing on weekends; then no wonder I am attracting guys who only wants a one night affair with me. The best one I have experienced was a guy who told me all he wanted to hear from me are dirty jokes and wanted to take me to a cheap hotel on our first date. I should have given that guy a slap he will remember for life, but I am too well-mannered to choose that option and just opt to sternly saying NO and hope he doesn’t rape me. I certainly don’t want to lose faith in the hope of finding my Prince someday; somehow all these bad experiences with men truly made me think that my Prince is unreachable. The number of gnomes outnumbered the Princes in this world!

I don’t need lots of Princes; just someone with intelligence and humble; someone I respected and cared because he respect and care for me as well; someone who loves his family and takes care of them; someone who treats me well and make me feel like a Princess, someone who'll drown me with sweetness, someone whom I am comfortable with and someone who is always on my mind 24/7…..

Does this mean I have to give up weekend dancing at clubs?

To look for other options to spend my weekends than to party til the wee hours and not getting any sleep the next day?

Yes, the answer to the above is YES.

I have found the solution to remove the “Party Girl” title from my collection; but have yet to find the solution to express my feelings to that someone I cared.

**Wishing to free myself from the evil-minded gnomes**

by Joselyn Lee


  1. wow!! memorable nite was almost 2 years ago!!! N my prince charming was there that nite!! who would've guessed..time flies babe..and i treasure every moment we all had and WILL BE HAVING!! =D

  2. soooo much has changed since then :D hehe... and we both found our Prince Charming too!! and and gonna have another round of memorable nite again very soon!! muakss

  3. Happy for you dear.....

    You DESERVE to be in this place now... Truly am happy for you! ~

  4. happy for u sis!

  5. thank lin... we shud catch up ler... its been sucha loooong time!

  6. sis! when will i see u again?? sigh...

  7. ha ahhh... reallly loooooooooooooog time! ~