Wednesday, January 14, 2009

.....time waits for no one.....

It’s exactly a hundred days counting from the day my dad left us, which proves yet again how time flies. Doesn’t matter if you chose to be happy or sad; to spread happiness or animosity; to love and care for love ones or to take them for granted; to live with excitement or just flow with the bluntness of life; with just 24 hours in a day, 30 days in a month, 12 months in a year….the clock keeps ticking and the sun sets everyday. Another year has gone by….. with just a blink of an eye.

That is how time flies. Take a moment before you sleep every night to reflect back on the day’s activity; was time wasted? Or every minute spent wisely?

Maybe that’s why we make resolutions every year; to ensure that we will be able to spend the year wisely and not regret wasting another year without achieving any goals or dreams. But yet, most resolutions just seem to slip out of mind as soon as the New Year’s excitement subsides and we move back to our daily habits. As the years slips away; unachieved dreams and goals, feelings of frustration, discouraged, life wasted…..
Sadly, most people will just accept life as it is by convincing themselves that working is for the money as money is important for survival; or marriage is just to satisfy their parents or because they have to.

Resolutions made without consulting our inner passion is just like empty promises. Promises made on the spur of moment without the intention to fulfill because the journey to achieving it is such a hassle. Why bother?? I have made a long list of resolutions that I did not even bother to look at after the second day of New Year! Or maybe I should have find out what are my passions in life before I start cracking my brains on resolutions….


1. Strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.
2. A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music

A passionate life equals to excitement, fulfillment, thrill, a life with purpose and motivation, FUN! Unstoppable! That is how it feels like to live a life with purpose. Everyday will be FUN, every minute will be ecstasy! That is how passion light-up your life. Without passion, it is as if we’re living dead.

I have taken the ‘Passion Test’ and realized that I have been ignoring my passions for a career that seems to please people around me but myself. I have been putting my passions aside for a job that pays the bills. Yes, indeed I realized now that I am one of those confused and frustrated employees in this world that is working for the money and only for the satisfaction of what money is able to support a comfortable living. All these years, I thought I have achieved my dream career; climbing the corporate ladder and landing myself in a post which is more important and challenging. Or is it just my own beliefs that I am more important? That my work is more challenging than before? Yes, it is somehow more challenging; but why don’t I feel the same satisfaction of my work as when I just started working eight years ago?

So what is passion?
A passion is how you choose to live your life. An ideal life. Passion is different from goals. Goals are the things you choose to create in your life. Goals are just like our yearly resolutions. So, without acknowledging my passions; every year I simply created resolutions that doesn’t satisfy my soul. Hence, achieving those resolutions or goals will provide only a momentary joy. That is if I am able to fulfill those resolutions or achieve another goal in life.

Well, it is absolutely great to finally realize that I must listen to myself; to find inner happiness; to know my passions; the fire that light my life; the love that satisfy my soul. After all, I am living my own life and who knows what is best for myself if not for myself? With this last statement, I am proud to say that I have matured another level in life!

Life is indeed too short to be wasted away......

We are at our best, and we are happiest,
When we are fully engaged in work we enjoy,
On the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves.
It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep.
It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.
-Earl Nightingale-

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