Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara Stadium 25th July 2009

Another Hennessy Artistry event!

This time it's in a bigger venue and certainly grander with more crowds..

Sometimes I do wonder......

Why so many people?
The crowd this time seems much more happening than the previous round in Zouk, plus the drinks are overflowing!
I have to admit that Hennessy events are never stingy with their drinks....unlike some other events that I have been to... the bar closes an hour before midnight and indicates buying your own drinks.... I believe that's how they make our money!

Aside from the drinks factor, I believe this time there are more artist from the East as there were a few chinese numbers been played... the music was fantastic as well! Certainly worth the sweat....

I'll be looking forward to the next Hennessy Artistry soon!

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