Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Somehow inspired

I have to admit this. I was uninspired to blog for the whole month of July. Not that I’m unhappy or overworked or having a tough time, it was the complete opposite. I am extremely happy, enjoying my work and having a wonderful time! So, I have been pondering and asking myself over and over again….Why am I uninspired to write?

Then, I stumbled upon these few words a moment ago that triggered this entry.

Some people say they haven’t yet found themselves.
But the self is not something one finds;
It is something one creates.

By Thomas Szasz

I agree that most of the time I would like to wait for luck to strike and then congratulate myself for being at the right place and at the right time. In life there is no such thing as things happening out of the blue for there must be a cause and effect syndrome somewhere. Somehow, somewhere; we did something that leads us to where we are today.

Did I happen to suddenly wake up one day and found myself on my bed with my flowery pajamas and my complexion absolutely glowing? Certainly I have bought that pajamas and spent day and night applying those costly creams and serums that made-up my daily skincare regimen that is giving me the nice glowing complexion. Oh yes, if I did not lie on my bed, I might wake up on my sofa…..

The example above may sound a wee bit sarcastic but I just wanted to state my point.

Someone once told me that he is afraid he might end up alone in life. Well, the way I see how he is leading his life, I am certain he would end up where he is most afraid to be.

For me, I know I will end up with someone who is going to shower me with love, sweetness and care because my action encourages the sweetness; my heart accepts the love and my soul deeply cares for that someone. Most importantly my mind believes in it all and visualizes it everyday. Visualizing helps create the dream but believing in it will make that dream comes true. In this case, we don't wait for love to turn up. We visualize what we want and then when we meet the right person, we encourage love to happen.
Love unconditionally and it doesn't matter if it's imperfect. Because life itself is never perfect. It's how we accept the imperfection and see the beauty in the imperfections in life that would rejuvenates our soul.

The most wonderful feeling in life is the feeling of sharing.....


  1. cantik-nya the certificate.. i want one boleh ?

  2. u want?? then u have to join the company! :P