Saturday, July 11, 2009

Inked by sudden status changed

Been thinking of doing this......

I have always been fascinated by being inked, however few years back I've chicken-out and pierced my belly instead..... this time... I have 'someone' to be there to ensure the process will be smooth... that 'someone' will be getting a tattoo himself too!
smooth = me not running away....
Sigh! Which design is able to bring out the best in me?

Why am I so fascinated by tattoos?
Maybe it's because I have always admire creativity artwork and mostly because I can't draw for nuts! Ask me to draw a man and I will probably draw a circle for the head, then lines for legs n hands; and maybe for the body too.
I'm sure you can imagine how it looks like!!

My facebook status finally showing I am no longer 'single'.
The dreaded word for someone moving towards the big 30??
Haha! Maybe not but I'm so touched by all the comments - almost 20 comments or more! And still counting.....
Hey guys! I've only been single for a year plus or maybe 2 years, not so bad right?
For my dearest friends, they are simply happy for me for finally getting a guy that is super-sweet and loving.... who treats me like a princess and makes me feel like one too!
A word of advice, the law of attraction works! I will now glow in the joy of being in a loving relationship, that's for sure!

This month and the following months will be busy with trainings again.....