Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are you a lover or a partner?

Sometimes in a relationship we tend to give each other nicknames just to spice up the relationship. No matter what you call each other in private, it will still sound sweet and loving... romantic music to each other's ear. But how will others interpret your nicknames?

Here are 10 names:

The Good: There's no doubt that everyone's equal in this relationship.
The Bad: Are you dating or starting up a limited liability company?

The Good: It's sophisticated, it leaves nothing to the imagination and can we say sexxxy?
The Bad: We've got four words for you: "Granny, meet my lover…"

The Good: It's French, and they seem to know little bit about how to make love last (hi... muaksssssss).
The Bad: Trying to explain to your family this doesn't mean he has a wife and 5 kids at home.

Life Hostage
The Good: No need to grip his sleeve at parties; you've staked your claim.
The Bad: Possessive??

The Good: Everyone is aligned with the term. No need for any explaination. Point taken.
The Bad: ...... if he's already 30 yrs of age, is he still consider a BOY?

The Good: You're finally dating a grown-up, good for you.
The Bad: He's retreating to his man cave with his man sack in tow right about . . . now.

The Good: It's sweet enough to eat, and doubles as a nickname appropriate in the bedroom and out.
The Bad: Mariah Carey called... then excused you for stealing her line..

The Good: Hot, hot, hot.
The Bad: All that's missing is a set of gold chains and a bad perm, and you're the seafood in klang... the shelled type...

The Good: It's old-fashioned romance at its best.
The Bad: Other than the fact that you sound like an old aunty, not much.

The Good: No need to have "the talk" if you're not sure how into monogamy he is.
The Bad: Explaining you didn't pay this guy to sit at your table at your best friend's wedding.

The Good: Wherever you go, he goes, and he's happy to be along for the ride.
The Bad: You know who makes a good companion? Your dog.... in this case, it's Muffin!

Let mistyblush know: What do you call your
"special friend?"

I'm calling mine "Bubbles"


  1. bubbles: bubbly? blossom? ;p

  2. mine is wifey wor ! anything about that?