Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is art...

I read this article from somewhere and I think it's good to share this in my blog:

Most people break their lives down into two major parts:
Wealth-building + the rest of their lives.
Wealth-building is just math. While life ---------- Life is ART.

There is always just one answer in math. The answers are hard fact, set in stone. Math is a science. It is formulaic. You can know the outcome before it happens, every time.

Art is much more subjective. "Beauty," they say, "is in the eye of the beholder." There is no one right answer.

Think of the different styles of the famous artists: Renoir. Monet. Picasso. Rockwell. Warhol. Different people find different styles beautiful, and that is what makes art, art.

Wealth-building is like math: If you add $1000 to your account each month and gain seven percent interest over twenty years, you can know now how much you will have then. The beauty of math is in the knowing. You can work the system, set it on auto-pilot and the math does the work for you, and you know the outcome.

But life?

Life is art.

And that is the beauty of life....

You do not know how it is going to turn out.
Life, like art, is always changing. Different people provide different colors. When you make a mistake, you can go back, erase it or even paint right over it. You can change the scenery. Life, like art, is ever evolving, and what looks good to one person is of no interest to another. And that is what makes life beautiful.

Another lesson I think we can draw is that in life we should do our math, of course, but life isn't made up of just wealth-building. Wealth-building should serve our ability to live our lives.

Are you spending more time on your math or your art?

Do your math. Everybody should do their very best at their wealth-building plan so they can take care of themselves and their families.

But life is about the art.

What does your canvas look like?
What kind of picture are you painting?
What kind of pot are you creating?
What kind of statue are you sculpting?

Take your time, make bold strokes, use brilliant colors, and make of your life the most beautiful masterpiece that you can.

In other words, do your math so you can focus on your art.

I think the above is so true. Are we taking the time to create our very own piece of canvass? or time mostly spent creating and counting wealth?

I remembered last year today 28.09.08 --- was the very last family dinner our family had with dad. It was my parent's 28th Wedding Anniversary and he insisted to take us all out for an italian dinner. A week after, he passed away. His life ended just like that. Without any prior notification. He just vanished and disappeared into no where.

Life is so short. Life is so unpredictable. Life will be meaningless if your only goal is money. Life is meaningless without passions. Without passion that will give you eternal happiness and satisfaction. Passion that will give your life the vibrant colour and eccentric energy.

Passion could be love. Have you found your passion in life?

Live your life as you will only live once. Never let anything take your attention away from living your life. You have the freedom to choose. Choose wisely.

As for myself, I would think I am in the right track to achieving what I want in life. Almost.

Why almost?

Well, sometimes there are still a little roadblocks here and there. At times these roadblocks diverted my attention to unimportant stuffs. Getting there ain't easy! But then again, we never appreciate easy stuffs right?

If only it's as easy

as blowing bubbles....

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