Tuesday, September 15, 2009

neglected passions

Seems like I have lost directions in my own life… again…

The days are just passing by with routines and responsibilities that I can’t seem to focus on my priorities and passion.

1. I have stopped going for my dance classes… again
2. I have stopped going for the orphans tutoring sessions
3. I have stopped pampering myself as there are some issues in regards to $$$
4. I have not been able to go for a much needed vacation
5. I have not been putting in thoughts and effort to think of starting my own business
6. Seems like I have kinda neglected my good friends… haven’t been catching up with them
7. I have not been improvising my baking skills… sigh
8. I seems to have lost all senses in meditation… haven’t been able to meditate for awhile now
9. I have not been able to enjoy music these days

I should stop now before the Law of Attraction work on all my “HAVE NOTS”! All my passions have been neglected for these 2 busy months and I am sure if I don't do anything about it soon, it will all go down the drain! All the goals and passions that I have set and found will be flushed down the toilet. All my dreams will be blown away by the wind!

Now that August is finally over and all trainings & conventions are done, I better continue with my life and the first thing to do is to go back to dancing again! I missed dancing so badly! My feet and toes are itching to dance!

The great news is Bubbles has promised me to be my dancing partner! Yay! He's the only passion that I have cease to neglect... mentioning Bubbles is making me miss him terribly. He is somewhere across the ocean, kinda far away from home for work. I wonder if he misses me too. Sigh.

Soon to be Blossom and Bubbles!

1 comment:

  1. hehe... your dancing partner huh?
    you gotta be patient with me on all those steps then... ;p
    even though bubbles is busy working (am i? ;P) somewhere across the ocean, he still found time to spent with you (not physically, but...)
    & you don't have to wonder whether he misses you or not, you should already know by now that he does...