Monday, November 30, 2009

Realizing the meaning of life

I’ve just finished watching a Chinese drama that evolves back into the olden china emperor era. The drama is full of jealousies, evil minded opportunist, corruption, immoral behavior, wicked action and plans, etc

Somehow I am able to relate some of the above to reality. Human beings are complicated creatures of the earth because of having the ability of an intelligent mind. Using this intelligence to serve kindness and compassion will definitely benefit the world; however, using it for selfish reasons will cause suffering and harmful consequences to others.

Sometimes I do wonder why people need to act these ways. Isn’t life complicated enough? From the moment we were born into the world, suffering is what we have been encountering.

The mind is certainly a powerful tool. If used properly, we will accumulate intelligence and knowledge to quicken our path to enlightenment; where we will be able to enjoy eternal happiness. Life is short and the purpose of being here must be known in order to live a fulfilling life.

I don’t want to stray away from my purpose in my life. I used to be blinded by lots of unimportant goals and benefits. Luckily I am always able to remind myself that my life is on track and my actions are leading me towards my purpose. Everything in this world is not god’s gift but the result of mind interpretation that influence actions.

I hope more people will realize this and start living their life as it was meant to be lived. Take away the clouds to reveal the sunshine!

Nurture the mind by feeding it with nutritious values...

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