Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do you spend time with yourself?

Today, I have a few precious hours of the much needed “me” time to nurture my inner being and balance my thoughts. Living in the city where you are required to do millions in a minute, “me” time is crucial to retreat and enjoy the sensation of just being you.

What I would normally do during these “me” time are just simple activities such as reading inspiring books and meditating or just loving my own company and appreciating the silence surrounding me. It is absolutely tranquilizing.

Continuing from my previous blog entry, to be able to realize the meaning of your life, these “me” time is certainly helpful. It is when I am alone do I realize who am I deep inside and it is when I am alone like this that I can see where my life is heading clearly.

Realizing your reason for living can be described as when you are walking home alone on the street and there are fogs surrounding you that blurred your path to your destination. Your secret weapon that will bring you towards your destination clearly and safely is the torch in your hand that shines through the fogs to give you a brighter vision of the path. However, if the torch in hand is not well maintained or the battery is weak, the light from the torch will be dark or the torch is not working at all. Then you will be lost in those fogs forever and end up being in a place you might not want to be.

“Me” time will ensure to lessen the fogs in your life so you’re more in touch with where you are going and your purpose in life as well as providing a torch that will shine as bright as the sun to guide you to your desired destination.

Love yourself and start today by having ‘me’ time. Do the right thing during these ‘me’ time and see your life transform to the better.

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