Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Angpows are coming to town!

Counting down to 4 more days and its ANG POW season again!

These few days, the streets are jam packed with cars trying to get their way around for last minute Chinese New Year shopping and getting ready to welcome in the year of the roaring Tiger. Everywhere is busy as the festival is getting nearer.

Hmmm, then why don't I feel the excitement myself?

This year, the celebration is seen as more simplified as we’re buying less and decorating less. I didn’t even buy any new red CNY clothes! However, we are going to be celebrating it in 2 new homes and a new member to our family. My grandmother and aunt have just shifted to their new home in Cheras and that is where I will be on the eve of CNY for the reunion dinner…

I am also thinking of more ways to decorate my new home with CNY ornaments and some splash of red. Maybe I should try to find Muffin a new red CNY T-shirt!

Of course, AngPow season will lose their purpose if there are no Angpows to be collected. Although there are heaps of comments on when will be the year I give instead of receiving. Well, I am definitely not complaining on the receiving part!

Why want to spoil the fun of receiving wealth?

Anyway, one of these days my turn will definitely roll in… maybe one day soon? So, I will definitely enjoy my days of receiving the red packets!

I wonder if Muffin will look handsome in a red CNY baju?


  1. how many ang pows? :P

  2. less than u ler :P share share?? kekeke

  3. I have always been fan of ang pows and I gift them to my friends I really like Ang Pows it looks cool.

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