Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm numb

No emotion
No pain
No happiness
No shame

Is this depression, I don't know
An evil monster in my shadow
Changing me into someone
I have never seen

Everythings a daze
Each day’s a dream
I can’t run away
It’s impossible to scream

I’m trapped
In someone I don’t even know
Too lost to find myself
Too afraid to show

I could end it all,
Make the drama stop
But to start it all over again?
I don't know how

I’m too afraid of the unknown
What’s on the other side?
Is it worth finding out?
What happens if a part of you died?

So I stay
The numbness appears
There are no emotions
There are no feelings

It’s a world of blank
No pain, No happiness
No real laughter
Am I going insane?

What’s the point anymore?
I’ve got nothing left to give
I can’t stay on like this,
Life is meant to be lived

I promise to try,
I guess I don’t want to die alive,
I know I can do this
I told myself with a sigh

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