Monday, August 2, 2010

Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan - the 2nd night

There were so many things to do yet so little time to do all! Every single day rushed by without a minute to breath... and this is how I feel throughout the whole week in Taipei. Here is my 2nd evening at another night market in Taipei.

This is Raohe Night Market; although the size and quality of this night market is very different from Shilin Night Market but here... the food is delicious!! This is the place where you can forget your tourist identity and just blend into the crowd of the locals... and experience their lifestyle...

We didn't know how to order at first but there were a few patrons at this stall with the same dish... so we pointed to theirs *wink* I guess this way your food will never go wrong! Haha!

The noodles were delicious indeed! Soupy and with lots of preserved vegetables and meat... We also ordered the stinky tofu again... this time I got the name right because there were a sign showing "Stinky tofu available"... See... I even learn how to speak mandarin throughout the process of food ordering!

Aaahhh... the crabs were delicious!!
We paid about NT100 (about RM11) for 3 whole crabs!
There were also fried balitong and escargots... but I'm more a crab person...

More food....

We saw so many people heading to this stall, so we decided this must be their local favourites! It's kinda like our local Bak Kut Teh but without the rice... the meat is so tender and soup is herbal.
Hmmm... yum yum~

Snow Mountain will never be the same for me after tasting this! The mango is so fresh and the portion is soooo huge! Both of us couldn't even finish the mango... and we only paid RM8 for this huge plate of Mango Snow Mountain! Definitely worth paying... I don't even get half the potion here in Malaysia with the same price :P

Of course not forgetting the local bubble tea! This is a special blend of Mango with milk... I just can't get enough of their bubble teas... yummm~

One thing I noticed is their dogs are so pampered and cute!!
Throughout the long street of endless stalls with food, drinks, fashion and etc... their dogs guarded their owner with pride!

This one is sooo cute!

And this huge doggy... I love her! She is so tame and good mannered eventhough I was disturbing her dinner time clicking away with my camera... She even took the time to smile into my camera... so sweeeet~ 

Of course, how can we forget the shopping!! It's so cheap... price starting from RM10 to RM50... have your pick of the latest fashion with the lowest price...

That's all for the night market adventure... However, do stay around for I have more stories to tell! Next in line will be my adventure with Taiwan's famous Spicy Hot Pot (in cantonese will be = Ma Lat Fo Woh) and how I caught my limited edition of Hello Kitty MP3 player... which is now entertaining me with my favourite music!! *wink*