Monday, August 9, 2010

Perfection in the imperfect world

Everyone have expectations. Most of these people have the expectation to be perfect. Perfection is seen as ideal to the world. The truth is; why is everyone chasing perfection when life is known to be imperfect?

Every product in the market favors marketing and branding because these are the tools to portray perfection to the targeted audience. 

1. The image of the product has to be perfect; with the use of technology, any imperfections can be altered.

2. The positioning of the product has to be perfectly right; with the use of the right marketing strategy and tools, it will target the perfect audience. 

3. The awareness of the product has to be perfectly in lined with the launching date; the PR people have to brush with the right channels and of course, the right people too.

The generation of branding; the building block of all brands

So now the product is perfectly launched to the market and people are buying. Analysis will be carried out to monitor the imperfections and areas for improvements. Sales are being compared to competition. Every single product in the market is aiming to rise above competition in ranking and sales. Nothing is perfect yet until it is sitting comfortably at the number one spot in ranking and hitting sales target after target. Ideally, in these situations, it is already perfect.

But what more can be super-perfect when you are already perfect? 

Don't forget that thousands and millions of new products are being launched all over the world and people are learning from one another to do just another great launch and branding. 

Competitions are never ending, thus the fight to stay on the top spot is never easy. Everyone is trapped in the same never ending cycle.

Being #1 FOREVER

Ideally, it helps to stay as an optimist and try as hard as possible to remain enthusiastic and hope to be able to continue working for perfection. However, chasing a never ending cycle is never easy. In this case, the chase includes expectations to always stay above competition is even harder.
So, the question would be “Are you game for the chase of perfection?”

The product above could be anything; including people, fashion, technology, entertainment, etc

Paris Hilton is the perfect example of branding; the rich gal who earns her fame through self-branding

so when is your turn?

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