Saturday, December 18, 2010

Autumn in Hong Kong (part 2)

 Hong Kong, the busiest and certainly one of the most congested city in the world. There are people at every single corner of the street and everyone walks faster and speak even faster. 
*WARNING* Do not attempt to stay in Hong Kong if you've the characteristics of a turtle.

 Lan Kwai Fong is a place where people come for drinks and F.U.N. It was so crowded when we were there because the world was actually celebrating Halloween. People and Ghost were seen partying in the bars, pubs and even on the streets...

 We were in a truly packed mall in Wong Kok. I managed to buy nothing because the crowd was too much and there isn't a space to even stand and breath... 

So, the best thing to do in Hong Kong? Cari makan (EAT) of course!!
 We asked around and the locals directed us to this famous dim sum restaurant at Sham Shui Po's Tai Po Road. Very easy to reach there... just take the MRT to Sham Shui Po station and walk to Tai Po Road. It is situated right in the middle of the road.

Here's the menu... I can't read a thing because everything is in Chinese!

 Super delicious!

 I love it!

We visited several tourist destination in Hong Kong and this is one of them...

We are now in a tram... moving high up... towards a place called Madam Tussuad's Museum

Where Bubbles danced with Madonna!

 and hung out with martial arts STARS!

 Bubbles with Jet Li

 and Diana... she was seen dating Aaron Kwok... whoaa... scandal!!

 Me? I had a debate with Einstein... 

 Bubbles continues hanging out with martial arts STARS and were seen learning some stunts...
*when are you going to show me those stunts??**

Whoaa... so tall!!

cai dan ceh (cycling) with Leon Lai... another scandal!!

Also, if you're a fan of Disneyland... please don't forget the World of Disney in Hong Kong!
I had so much fun catching up with my childhood bestfriends!!

Who says Hong Kong Disneyland is boring?
Maybe you went with the wrong people :P
I had the GREATEST times in HK Disneyland!

It is actually pretty easy getting around in Hong Kong. As long as you are able to walk, please take the MRT to ALL destination! It's very easy.
There are maps, signs and even photographs of every destination in Hong Kong...
Check out the photographs...

Of course, our main desire in Hong Kong is Cari Makan (EAT)
So, we tried varies local favourites and managed to list our own favourites...

 This wanton is really as what the boss promised. The size of a pingpong ball!!

We also tried the local cafe....

 absolutely delicious and one of a kind PORK BURGER!
*WARNING* Non-halal content

 This is roast goose... amazing... indescribable... nothing I have eaten in my own country...

It was a pretty amazing trip and although I was a little homesick but I felt sad leaving all the good food behind! I will be missing all those delicious cuisine for a long long time...

Thank you Bubbles... it was you who made it so amazing...

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