Saturday, December 18, 2010

Say hello to 2011 in style

Soon, we will be saying good bye to year 2010 and welcome in year 2011 with open arms!

Time again for new tasks for next year...

1. Again... Be happy, Stay happy... and spread happiness
2. Living my passion; Doing what I love and enjoy every moment of it
3. Travel to a romantic destination with Bubbles

Simple and hopefully easy to achieved!

This year has been marvelous with several huge changes in my life. No changes are bad changes but interesting challenges to experience. 

I will be seeing myself a more experienced and inspiring leader in profession in 2011. At home, I will aim to be even more loving, caring and understanding to the people I love. Next year will certainly be another great adventure to add into my life journal.

Highlights of year 2010

** TWICE... we were on top of the world...**

Sears Tower, Chicago

 The Peak, Hong Kong

**My dream came true**

 Alas, I met my childhood best friend!

 Had a GREAT time with mom in Taipei, Taiwan

**Some great moments with WONDERFUL friends**

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