Sunday, October 5, 2008

My dad left us....FOREVER!

I'm in total shocked and still reluctant to accept the truth. My daddy has passed away. Suddenly...

Last night he was still awake when I went to the kitchen for a drink. He was at his usual spot watching tv although it was already 6am. The next morning he woke up around 2pm and wanted to go out with my mom to buy lunch but mom as usual didn't want him to follow because he's health is not in good condition. So she went to buy us lunch and I was busy packing in my room for my 1 week work trip to Penang. It was so normal. Everything was so normal.

Had lunch with him at our dining area and was even having a decent conversation with him. I left the house around 6pm to go for a massage and came home at 8pm. But no one was home already. Mom & bro went to my grandma's house and he was not home as well. I was quite surprise to see he was not at home because he hardly go out so late. Normally he would only go out in the afternoon.

I was home until almost 11pm and then went out to meet some friends at Velvet, before I even reached Velvet my bro rang me and told me someone told him dad was dead. I thought it was a prank! I calmly told bro to stay calm and take care of mom. I was so calm. I was saying in my can it be?... he was still ok in the afternoon....I was only talking to him....Someone must have played a prank on us....

I still hope its all a dream. I can't believe it. It's so impossible to believe what had happened.

I need to stay strong for mom. I've never seen her cried like this before. She blamed herself for his passing, saying if she stayed at home then he would not have gone out and this would not have happened.......

I don't know what will happen tomorrow but I know I NEED TO STAY STRONG for mom. I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF HER AND NEVER LET HER FEEL ALONE AND START BLAMING THINGS ON HERSELF. Its no one's fault. It's his life path. I just hope he's in a better place now and not suffer anymore.

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