Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random thoughts

The place where only meditation will be able to give you a glimpse of how
it feels like to be there.........

Days are creeping by so slowly when there is nothing much to do but just laze around and practically do nothing at all. That is what I have been doing for the past 4 days and I have six more days to do nothing but enjoy the luxury of what most rich tai-tais does everyday.......

Seriously, for an active person who is always on the go and who's schedule is always so packed with activities, I'm suffering from having nothing to do! How sad is that?? Haha! Well, I'm going to be positive for once as I've gotten a comment that my blog always seems to be so depressing!

Alright, change of blogging tactics for once!

..............I'm excited for the next six days of having nothing to do! At least I will be able to catch up with my readings, which I've been neglecting for so many months. There are so many books that I have bought in the past few months that I haven't had the time to go through. This is also the time for me to refresh my mind as I haven't been able to think clearly since the shocking news on the 4th of October. A day which I will remember for the rest of my life. Although it still seem a little unreal, but the truth of his death has been accepted. Sometimes it's seems unreal, especially when I look at his photos, seeing his stuffs around the house, thinking of what he told me when he was still alive.....

There are of course good and bad memories, but I rather his good memories remain and the bad will be buried together with his physical body and remain unknown forever. In a way, we will definitely missed his presence at home but at a more positive perspective, he is now not suffering from sickness & pain. Although there is no way to find out where is he now and how is he doing now, but I can only hope he is happy wherever he is now.

I do count my lucky stars and blessings to have many good friends who were there for me and still are here for me. Of course, there is nothing anyone can do about the situation. Death is something anyone will go through somewhere in their life journey and if we live our life meaningfully and with no regrets, death is just part of the journey. The journey that will bring us to another life where there will be no sufferings and unhappiness. A place where life goes on in a way that no human will be able to imagine. A place where we will only be able to reach if we do more good deeds in our existing life, to give more love & help to the unfortunate and to help more people understand the concept of living life after death in a place where there is no sufferings, no sickness, no pain, no unhappiness, no more reborn, no more karmic effects......

It is not something that people will immediately understand. It took me quite awhile to grab the concept and understand it. But accepting and believing it actually does calmed me and made me feel so much at peace.

Oh well, I will continue with my readings now and hopefully will finish reading the books a good friend loan me to kill my extra time while he negotiate with some ducks in peking^_^

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