Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Changing Forms of Clouds

What is more rejuvenating than spending the afternoon looking at the blue sky and experiencing the changing forms of the clouds? It was absolutely enticing. Even while blogging right now, the clouds are changing forms.

It might sound slightly ridiculous to some, to me, this is one of those rare moments that I get to have time for myself to just sit alone and appreciate the moment.

Appreciate life. Appreciate the nature. Appreciate my surroundings. To truly observe the view, the magnificent flow of nature.

This is when I am grateful for:
1. Having a perfect vision; to be able to see with my eyes.
2. Having some time alone; when life seems to be moving too fast, to be detached from the outside world and view life from a different angle.
3. Being here; for having a chance to still be here.

Most people would find this truly a waste of time and probably think there are much more practical activities than just sit and look at clouds. In other words, some might describe this as just ‘day dreaming’.

Before you conclude that it is just a waste of time, why not take a moment and think “What is life?”

To some, it is the sense of self-achievements when you picture yourself to own something a few years down the road. Most of the time, it would either be a successful career or a money-making business that wowed everyone. To some, it might also be having a family, to own designers’ shoes or accessories, to have traveled around the world and seen the richness of other country’ cultures, etc.

Do you see the similarity of the above objectives in life? Ultimately, the end result in mind is to satisfy your needs for happiness.

What if you have reached there? You would have wanted something more, to keep the objectives going in order to satisfy your needs. The search for material happiness is never ending until the day we leave the world. Everyone will leave the world someday and it is the fact of life.

Are you afraid of leaving the world?
Being afraid is because you have yet to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself, you have yet to prove to yourself of your worthiness and attain the satisfaction of self-achievements. I am pleased to say that I am not afraid to leave the world. Why? My journey in life has been fascinating. I have a family that loves me. I have friends that love me. I am surrounded by love. I am truly blessed to be who I am and to have what I have in my life. I am not referring to the material possessions in my life; I am referring to the love and joy.

As I am looking up at the sky now, the clouds have changed forms several times, to prove yet again that ‘Nothing is Permanent’. So, why chase unrealistic dreams of having more material possessions when nothing is permanent? When we leave this world, the only possessions we are able to bring with us are the love and memories we have shared during our time on earth.

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